Radial drilling machine maintenance procedures

05 Jan.,2021

Radial drilling machine maintenance procedures


Radial drilling machine maintenance procedures

Every operator should understand the maintenance procedures of radial drilling machine. Good equipment needs good maintenance in order to play a good effect. Therefore, it is beneficial to the production efficiency of the enterprise to develop good daily operation habits. The following procedures are shared by Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd.

1、 The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool, and obtain an independent operation certificate.

2、 Operators should keep the machine clean and strictly implement the maintenance system.

3、 The maintenance of radial drilling machine should meet the "four requirements".

4、 Before driving, add oil according to the regulations, check the standard oil quantity, oil quality and smooth oil way. According to the equipment spot check card, check whether the operating mechanism of the machine tool is flexible and reliable, and whether the electrical device and grounding are good.

5、 Before operation, run at low speed for 3-5 minutes, and make sure that there is oil in the sliding part and all parts are in normal operation.

6、 The workpiece must be firmly clamped on the worktable or vice, and the bottom surface must be padded with wood when drilling through holes. When drilling through hole by power feed, it should be changed to manual feed when approaching penetration.

7、 When installing the drill bit, the taper hole of the taper handle should be wiped clean, and special tools should be used when disassembling. It is strictly forbidden to knock at will.

8、 After the drill bit is aligned with the drilling position of the workpiece, the rocker arm must be fixed before it can start to work. It is forbidden to work when the spindle box and column are not clamped. In the process of drilling, it is not allowed to stop the drill before it exits.

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