Top 10 Types of Coat Racks (Buying Guide)

16 Sep.,2022


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Coat racks work in several rooms in the home - foyer, mudroom, bedrooms and office. Discover the 10 main types of coat racks here.

The coat rack is more than a functional piece. It can add character and style to any room, and it is often a welcoming part of a warm household, especially when arranged around the entryway.

Though racks are available as decorative furnishings, shoppers should be sure to keep functionality and practicality in mind as well. Racks come with a number of different rungs available to hold numerous articles of clothing, and they may also contain additional features, such as extensions or base drawers, to provide you with even more versatility.

They can be chosen as a classic accent or as a modern centerpiece, all based on your existing decor.

Before you begin shopping, it is recommended that you take a look around the room and think about placement. This allows you to begin planning ahead for the style of your active environment.

  • What room can benefit the most from a stylish coat rack?
  • In that room’s current arrangement, where is there enough space to accommodate the coat rack?
  • What type of coat rack can help you maximize this space in an organic and appealing way?

The right coat rack becomes an extension of your home’s atmosphere, and learning more about the different types of available coat racks can help you make an even more informed purchase.

Once you have determined the style and size of your rack, it’s time to move on to the color. When choosing the color, you want to take a look at the other furnishings present and think about how the rack can improve the area.

This largely ties in with the size and presentation of the rack as the color can help drive the point home or create dissonance if it is not chosen appropriately. For example, most wall-mounted racks are designed to be functional and complementary, which means that it is not recommended to purchase them in particularly vibrant colors.

A standing rack, on the other hand, can become a large centerpiece in the room, especially if there are other elements present that can point toward the rack.

Before finalizing your shopping, be sure to read up on the materials used in the creation of the rack. Wood is one of the most durable materials available, but it may need additional care, especially if you plan on using your coat rack regularly. Wood can wear away if it doesn’t receive the proper treatments every few months.

Metal racks are also highly durable and functional, though they may also develop problems without the appropriate treatments. Most coat racks require relatively minimal maintenance, but keeping up with the occasional treatment can help you extend the product’s life.

Main Types of Coat Racks

Standalone Varieties

Standalone coat racks are among the most popular varieties. They are instantly recognizable because they are designed to stand in the room by themselves, providing users with a number of convenient hooks. Though iconic in appearance, these racks can take on numerous versatile forms and consist of any number of different materials.

Wooden Standalone Racks

Wooden coat racks are always in demand in rustic environments. They are available in numerous wood and color types, including rich mahogany, strong oak and elegant birch. Certain woods are chosen to be slightly stronger than others, but the purchase decision may largely come down to the wood type, thus keeping with the environment’s theme.

Metal Standalone Racks

Metal coat racks are often minimalist in their design. They are built to be strong and rigid while providing users with the support they need for all articles of clothing. Most of these racks are made from aluminum or stainless steel, though more ornate options may feature other alloys such as brass.

Artisan Racks

While all racks are designed to be functional, many are also designed to be artistic and present a certain way in a room. Most artisan racks feature abstract and defined shapes, and many contain a combination of materials, such as wood, plastic and metal.

Wall-Mounted Varieties

If you do not have much space in your room, you can instead choose a wall for your coat rack. Wall-mounted racks are particularly advantageous if you have empty walls and want to use the space in a functional and attractive way. These racks typically vary in size and length depending on how many coats you need to hang.

Wooden Wall-Mount Racks

Like standing racks, wall-mounted racks are frequently available in wood varieties. This material is durable, but it may be subject to wearing more quickly than standing types because of how thin most wall-mounted racks tend to be. Keep an eye on your rack to catch cracks and signs of wear.

Plastic Wall-Mount Racks

Plastic wall-mount racks are among the most affordable available. They are often chosen for practical rather than aesthetic purposes, though shoppers interested in decoration may find numerous artistic plastic wall racks as well.

Metal Wall-Mount Racks

Metal racks are built to last, and they are designed to provide shoppers with a contemporary way to spice up their wall space. Metal is an attractive option for rooms that have a minimalist style of decoration present, and some can even be painted for an even larger degree of personalization.

Corner Coat Racks

Corner coat racks are available to help you save even more space. These racks often come with shoe storage capabilities or a cabinet bench. Corner racks are particularly decorative in order to draw attention to the room’s corner in an organic way.

Compact Varieties

Many wall-mounted coat racks are also foldable and changeable. These compact coat racks typically feature hooks and rungs that do not stick out until they are needed for any article of clothing. This allows users to save on space even further while adding attractive asymmetry to their wall’s decor.

Top 10 Types of Coat Racks (Examples)

1. Stand-alone Coat Rack

The Stand-alone coat rack is among the most popular varieties. This piece features 8 strong hooks on which you can hang your coats, hats and other outer wear.

2. Wooden Stand-alone Coat Rack

Wooden coat racks are always in demand in rustic environments. This hardwood coat rack features classic metal hooks and is done in a warm walnut finish.

3. Metal Standalone Coat Rack

Metal coat racks are often minimalist in their design. This modern style coat rack features 3 loops and 3 hooks at varying heights.

4. Artisan Coat Rack

Most artisan racks feature abstract and defined shapes and are made from many different materials. This artisan coat rack is designed to look like a rustic log tree.

5. Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Wall-mounted racks are great space savers. This wall mounted coat rack is made from brushed nickel and designed to hold a wide variety of items.

6. Wooden Wall-Mount Racks

Wood mounted coat racks are very durable. This wood mounted coat rack features multi-colored wood panels and 7 metal hooks.

7. Plastic Wall Mounted Coat Racks

Plastic wall-mount racks are among the most practical available. Made of plexi-glass, these plastic coat racks are portable, allowing for use in any room.

8. Metal Wall-Mount Racks

Wall mounted metal coat racks are built to last. This solid metal rack has a swivel hook feature and is finished in fingerprint proof brushed nickel.

9. Corner Wall-Mount Racks

Corner coat racks help provide a stylish way to save space. This corner rack include a shelf for shoes and a cabinet bench.

10. Compact Coat Racks

Compact coat racks typically feature hooks and rungs that do not stick out until they are needed. This compact rack features 8 hooks, that flip out as you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the answers to all your questions about coat racks:

When were coat racks invented?

In the closet of his home at Monticello, former US President Thomas Jefferson was rumored to have a system for hanging garments. Hangers have come a long way since O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut, invented a coat hook in 1869; the idea for the modern, shoulder-shaped wire hanger originated with North’s invention. 

Meanwhile, Jackson, Michigan native, and Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company employee, Albert J. Parkhouse, was given credit for the idea in 1903.

Where should a coat rack be placed?

The doorway is the most logical location for a coat rack because it receives the most foot traffic and serves as a catchall for discarded items and coats and other accessories that are brought in.

Nonetheless, that’s not the only location to consider. Towels or robes can be hung on a coat rack in the bathroom. Clothing racks are a convenient way for some people to keep their bedrooms neat.

How far apart should hooks be on a coat rack?

Coat hooks should be spaced no closer than four to six inches apart. This keeps the foyer from looking cluttered and makes the hooks for coats and other objects easy to use.

How much weight can a coat rack hold? How many coats fit on a coat rack?

There is no hard and fast rule for how much a coat rack should hold. We can find precise details on our rack in the manufacturer’s documentation, which you should consult. There is no uniform coat rack design. The lightest weight that may be hung from each hook on the tiny wall-mounted rack is five pounds.

What height should I hang on a coat rack?

There is a consensus that a height of five feet is suitable for most situations. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that coat racks in public areas must be no more than four feet tall. In most cases, the hooks on a freestanding coat rack will be situated at the five-foot height marker.

How high should a coat rack be above a bench?

Foyer benches are usually between 18 and 20 inches in height. The height at which to install hooks over a bench can be determined by taking its measured height in inches and then subtracting that value from 60 inches or five feet).

What to do with old coat racks?

There are so many ways to repurpose a coat rack. Use it to hang flowers, belts, scarves, pot racks, and baskets for storage of lots of things, depending on what you need. Paint it to fit in any room.

Are coat racks out of style?

No! Coat racks are statement pieces too. In addition to being the most useful and effective piece of furniture for your entryway, a contemporary coat rack may also serve as a bold design statement, making an excellent first impression on guests. They’ll be grateful that you provided a hook for their coats and hats.

Can I use command strips to hang a coat rack?

You sure can! Command Hooks may be securely fastened to a wall or other flat surface, such as behind a door, and can hold jackets weighing up to 6.6 pounds.