Which McLaren supercar is which?

18 Nov.,2022


mclaren model car

Many numbers. Much horsepower. A three-tier road car range that ranges in power from 540bhp to 1,036bhp. McLaren it seems, is rather serious about this whole ‘performance’ business.

There are three levels: the ‘Sports Series’, the ‘Super Series’, and the ‘Ultimate Series’, as well as a rogue model - the GT - that doesn't slot into any of them. And yet, despite McLaren telling us the cars are all different and only share a modicum of DNA – the carbon tub, the engine – you’d be forgiven for getting them a little bit mixed up.

Top Gear then, is here to help. We've compiled a handy spotter's guide - a big list of every modern McLaren supercar built in this new age of Woking's performance car business.

Some have sold out already, some you can buy. All however, you can gawp at...