PHASE II 559-112 5" Size 3 Jaw Lathe Chuck

29 Nov.,2022


5 Jaw Chuck


  • With this 3-inch universal scroll chuck, you can mount and remove your workpieces easily.
  • It is hassle-free if you want to change a project in the middle.
  • The Phase II self-centering chuck works best with radial-symmetry objects.
  • The self-centering lathe chuck from Phase II comes with three jaws and a chuck key that can tighten or loosen the jaws to firmly hold your workpiece.


  • The Phase II scroll chuck is ideal for holding any workpiece firmly on the lathe spindle and prevents shaky spinning if fastened accurately with the chuck key.
  • The product can be effortlessly leveraged by machinists to work with circular and similar-shaped workpieces, and it provides them with remarkable accuracy in even complex machining procedures.
  • This self-centering chuck is a well-adjustable clamping device with three jaws that can be used for gripping workpieces perfectly.


  • The Phase II self-centering lathe chuck has a repeatability of 0.003 inch TIR, and it comes in a tough semi-steel body.
  • This top-quality jawed chuck is a rear mounting type with three jaws to hold your workpieces intact. It is a universal scroll chuck that fits well on a chuck plate.
  • The self-centering 3-jaw chuck comes with a chuck key to adjust the jaws and with the required mounting screws.


  • 1 Piece hardened reversible jaws for 5" and under chucks, rest are 2pc reversible jaws.
  • 3 Jaw lathe chucks and accessories.
  • Chuck key and mounting screws.

Easy-to-Mount 3-Jaw Universal Scroll Chucks. PHASE II 3-jaw Lathe Chuck is a top-quality self-centering jawed chuck that is perfect for holding your workpiece firmly on the spindle nose with the help of an adapter chuck plate. The Phase II lathe chuck comes with a chuck size of 3 inches, three jaws, a chuck key, and the required mounting screws. The jaws are attached to the chuck radially in symmetry to mount your workpieces onto it, and the chuck key lets you tighten or loosen the clutch of the jaws to firmly hold the workpiece and keep it intact. It is a highly convenient way of mounting the workpiece with maximum grip. On this rear-mounting scroll chuck, you can comfortably mount your workpiece. You can even change projects in the middle as it is easy to mount and easy to remove. This 3-jaw chuck efficiently replaces a faceplate. This self-centering jawed chuck offered by Phase II uses three jaws connected on the scroll plate. This universal scroll chuck is the best if you want to work with circular (or similar-shaped) workpieces quicker. Also, it delivers highly accurate results with 0.003 inch TIR. The 3-jaw lathe chuck from Phase II is a plain-back type, and hence, the same chuck can be mounted on different machines. However, it requires an adapter plate to mount it on the lathe spindle. The chuck is made of semi-steel material and has a thru-hole of 0.63 inches. The total weight of the product is 6 lbs, and it comes under Prop 65 warnings.