Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Solar Panels

25 Jul.,2022


Solar Panel Cleaning Tool

Whether you are a seasoned solar panel cleaner or a residential solar system owner, you need the right tools to clean solar panels efficiently and safely.

A water hose from ground-level can work wonders in most cases

Rinsing rooftop solar from the ground-level with a hose is the safest cleaning method in most cases.

The water spray should fall on the solar panels like rainwater and let gravity do the heavy lifting.

When bird poo proves to be a tough opponent to your man-made shower, be patient.

A second or third pass of the water hose should remove most of it after the bird dropping has been softened by the water.

Staying on ground-level also means there is less risk of falling.

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean stubborn stains

If you are able to safely climb up the roof for a closer wash, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean oily smudges without leaving any mark.

We don’t recommend detergent or soap to clean stubborn stains, as they tend to leave residue on panel glass that can attract more dirt in the future.

Make sure you do not stand on the solar modules under any circumstance.

Any pressure on the solar panels risks creating microcracks that can reduce energy output.

Use soft brushes and plastic scourer to make short work of scum

Only brushes specifically designed for solar should be used with water to scrub panels clean of dirt.