You are only one article away from sea fishing

02 Jan.,2021

Fishing can make people withdraw from the complicated modern life, bid farewell to the "impression in front of you", and get rare peace and emptiness.


Fishing can make people withdraw from the complicated modern life, bid farewell to the "impression in front of you", and get rare peace and emptiness. On the other hand, sea fishing adds another excitement to explore the unknown. Therefore, once a lot of people come into contact with sea fishing, they are deeply "poisoned" from then on and become out of control. So the question is, how far are you from sea fishing? This is of course a professional matter.

1. Classification of sea fishing

According to different fishes, sea fishing can be roughly divided into rock fishing, trolling, lure, and iron plate. First of all, we can start from the rock fishing. "Rock" literally means a rock protruding into the sea from the shore, and the so-called "Ji fishing" means standing on this rock to fish. The main target fish for rock fishing is sea bream. What is sea bream? Sea bream is actually another name for red sea bream and black sea bream.


2.  Where to go fishing

Of course it is to the beach. Sea fishing has different venues according to different classifications


Friends who like to travel overseas have many choices. Almost every island that is a tourist destination is also a sea fishing destination, such as Maldives, Mauritius, Palau, Sri Lanka and so on.

3. What to prepare After deciding where to go

After deciding where to go, you can configure equipment. There are two types of safety equipment and     professional equipment. Safety equipment is essential. Take rock fishing as an example. You need to prepare a life jacket and reef shoes. These two things are about safety and must not be saved. Other outdoor equipment such as polarizers, gloves, sun hats, etc. are conventional equipment.

In terms of professional equipment, if you are participating in activities organized by the fishing club where you travel, you can directly rent the equipment provided by the club, and you don’t need to worry about it.

The main configuration of floating rock fishing is rock fishing rod, reel, main line, sub-line, Awa (float), lead, cotton knot, eight-shaped ring, retaining bead, hook, and fishing set. In addition, fishing boxes, rod bags, nesting boxes, powder scoops, powder shovel, and dip nets are also indispensable. Although fishing friends often borrow and help each other, every sea fishing man must first have all the equipment for individual combat.

4. Matters needing attention

Safety! Safety! Safety!

The unknown nature of the sea is both temptation and risk. The important thing must be said three times.

Before you go fishing, you must first determine the weather conditions of the day. If a typhoon or tropical depression approaches, the sea will suddenly produce turbulent waves, and the consequences are difficult to predict. Whether to go to sea, we must strictly follow the captain’s experience. If you encounter sudden big winds and waves, you must put away your playfulness and retreat decisively.

When climbing the reef, novices can neither be the first nor the last, but should be among the experienced anglers. When the waves push up the ship at a certain high point, quickly leave the ship on the reef, You must not use one foot on the boat and the other on the reef. After getting on the reef, put all the equipment to the highest point as soon as possible.

When fishing, always pay attention to the conditions of the sea. When there is no wind, there will be big swells, so when preparing the fishing rig and making bait, you must face the sea.


Environmental protection! Environmental protection! Environmental protection! 

Sea fishing is a sentimental activity. When you leave the fishing spot, you should take away all kinds of garbage, such as the cut bus bar and used strand hooks. Reefs or dams soiled by your own nest materials should be washed with buckets of water. Fish that are undersized or unwanted, please release them. Environmental protection starts with sea fishing.