Aluminum Wire Mesh

06 Mar.,2023


Do you need aluminium coated mesh fabric solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

We offer a wide selection of wire mesh types by material, finish, size, and weave, meaning there are infinite combinations to meet the needs of your project . We also provide laser-cutting services to accurately, efficiently, and economically create custom parts. We're here to help you find the best mesh for you.

For its price, quality, and adaptability, aluminum wire mesh works perfectly in many applications. The mesh, by the nature of its flexible material, is easy to shape, mold, and cut using basic hand tools that one can easily find at any hardware store. Tin snips can cut heavier-duty 2 meshes through 10 meshes, while household scissors should do the trick for finer meshes, for numbers 16 mesh and up.

Features & Uses

People gravitate toward aluminum wire mesh because it’s both lightweight and strong The material is key to the construction of many vents, fan guards, and strainers. Plus, an aluminum fan guard keeps small birds, bats, and snakes at bay.

Aluminum is a frequent go-to choice for its relative affordability, boasting lower price points than some other metals. Its high electrical conductivity makes it perfect for a variety of applications, and it resists corrosion in most normal conditions.

Industrial, marine, aerospace, transportation, and many other industries, turn to aluminum wire mesh for its distinct advantages. Its uses include:

  • 8 mesh excludes bees from attics and other housing spaces. (5 mesh excludes queens.)

  • 8 meshes and finer keep exhaust fans free from detritus and insects.

  • Sizes including 20 mesh are an invaluable part of roof air vents.

  • A range of aluminum mesh discs can filter, strain, and perform other essential tasks inside pipes, ducts, and tubes.

Next to the heftier steel wire mesh, aluminum can be up to 65 percent less heavy, making it essential for lightweight screens. It's also flexible and can be used in applications where more rigid steel mesh cannot—such as in air vents.

Choosing Your Wire Mesh Material

In general, our website gives detailed descriptions and pictures of many aluminum meshes. For someone unfamiliar with wire mesh terminology, 2 mesh has two openings in each direction in a square inch. You could easily pass a pencil through the openings.

16 mesh is what is used in window or porch screens to keep out common insects. 60x40 mesh is the size commonly used in kitchen faucets. An 80 mesh has an opening which will barely pass a human hair. A piece of paper is about three thousandths (.003) of an inch.

Aluminum Mesh Discs

Looking for more products? We also offer aluminum mesh discs.

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