Which Polyester Cotton and Polyester are More Suitable for Suiting Fabrics?

15 Jan.,2021

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Polyester is one of the components of chemical fiber fabric bai. The usual suit fabric material does not have 100% polyester, and is generally composed of 60-80% polyester and 20-40% viscose fiber. Chemical fiber fabrics can generally be washed for suits, but the effect of the fabrics will be much worse after washing, so dry cleaning is still the first choice. If you wash them, you must iron them carefully with an iron after washing.

TC Heringbone Fabric

TC Heringbone Fabric

Polyester cotton means that the fabric is composed of polyester and cotton. It can be used for casual jackets and singles. Because of the cotton content, the factory will go through the washing stage when working, so the fabric will look softer. Clothes made of this kind of fabric can usually be washed with water, because there is cotton, they will usually wrinkle after washing, but the effect after ironing with an iron will not have much effect.

There are many types of fabrics, from high-end to low-end, each fabric has a different performance. Generally, wool is a little bit prickly when touched by hand, while chemical fiber cloth is usually not. Fabrics made of inferior wool (called lint in the industry) are easy to shed and pilling. Whether the fabric is reflective or not has nothing to do with the variety and grade of the fabric. Usually, after the fabric is formed into embryos, textile factories have many methods at this stage of finishing according to customer needs. The fabric can be made into a reflective and smooth fabric. Ah wait for the effect.

In comparison, polyester-cotton fabrics are more suitable for suiting fabrics. Our company also has TC Heringbone Fabric on sale, welcome to contact us.