How to Choose Bath Towels?

26 Jan.,2021

Like towels, bath towels are also skin-friendly products, so the choice of bath towels is very important. So how to choose bath towels, how to buy good quality bath towels?


Like towels, bath towels are also skin-friendly products, so the choice of bath towels is very important. So how to choose bath towels, how to buy RJ45 female 8P8C with shell?

1. Choose the right price bath towels

Generally speaking, we do not advocate the use of those too cheap bath towels. Too cheap bath towels are often rough in texture, and many have a heavy smell, which is not good for health.

2. Observe the workmanship and quality of the wool

When you get your hands on a bath towel, make sure you observe the workmanship and the quality of the wool. If it looks very thin, the towel will have poor absorbency and will be deformed after a few uses.

3. Consider the absorbency of the towel

Bath towels are used to wipe water off the body, so absorbency is a consideration. Microfibre bath towels are lightweight, soft and quick drying. It absorbs water from the body quickly after bathing and saves time in the shower. Very soft and comfortable for adults and children.

4. Consider the problem of linting

Many bath towels have the problem of hair loss, the bath towels are relatively large, hair loss will be very troublesome. At the time of purchase we should pay attention to whether the quality of the hair is excellent, the new buy home to wash separately, see if the hair falls off, stick to other clothes on the very clean up. Microfibre bath towels can be washed over 100 times and the terry won't shed or pile, it can be machine washed and dried quickly, or even dried indoors.

 Microfibre Bath Towels

Why choose us?

Our microfibre bath towels are made from 80% polyester 20% nylon yarn.

In order to produce 1 tonne of fabric, over 50 tonnes of water will be used for washing and dyeing.

Because nothing is simplified in the production process, the bath towels are fluffy, soft and absorbent and will not fade. 50% of the workers in our factory are conscientious workers with more than 5 years of production experience. We carry out quality checks at every stage of the process. The final product is also subject to sampling to ensure the quality of the product.

Shijiazhuang Yizhaoda Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional and reliable microfiber towels manufacturer of with well-equipped facilities and powerful technical support. We have many years experience in producing household textile products and daily cleaning products.


We have established the full process from sample arrangement, mass production and quality control to manufacture the industry's highest quality products. Our products are mainly for Japanese market and also exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions.

We are able to provide high-qualified towels in varieties of microfiber textures, colors and designs. Credit first, high quality and competitive price are the goals which we are seeking for.

We have passed BSCI factory audit in 2018 and got ISO 9001 in 2019. We are gradually working on more qualification certificates.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with the friends from all over the world. If you want to know more about the microfibre bath towels price, please contact us.