Fabric Knowledge You Must Know About Buying Shirts

08 Jan.,2021

Those who can wear clothes have stricter requirements on the fabrics of their clothes. Good fabrics will bring you a comfortable wearing experience, as well as a guarantee for health.


Those who can wear clothes have stricter requirements on the fabrics of their clothes. Good fabrics will bring you a comfortable wearing experience, as well as a guarantee for health. Excessive chemical fiber components make the fabrics static.

So what kind of fabric is a good fabric? The classification of shirt fabrics roughly includes: please contact AIKE, blended fabrics, 100% chemical fiber fabrics, linen fabrics, wool, and silk fabrics. Today we choose shirts through the classification and characteristics of shirt fabrics.

1.100% cotton fabric

Pure cotton is a fabric made from "cotton" processing. The shirt of pure cotton fabric is comfortable to wear, soft and absorbs sweat. For friends with skin allergies, pure cotton fabric is the most basic requirement for your choice.

Of course, the same pure cotton has many characteristics and many considerations. Such as wearing life, washing life, visual perception, wearing skin feel and other characteristics, as well as various indicators such as the number of strands and weight. There is a common misunderstanding in most people's understanding of shirts: the thicker the shirt is, the better. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, pure cotton fabrics are woven from many cotton threads, and the finer the cotton threads, the better and the more expensive.

For example, for high-grade pure cotton fabrics, iron-free finishing is a chemical treatment that often changes the skin-friendly characteristics of pure cotton fabrics while leaving harmful chemicals. Individuals can indeed be said to have a non-ironing effect. The fabric has lost the elasticity and skin-friendly feel of pure cotton, and the touch feel is close to that of chemical fiber fabrics.

As far as shirts are concerned, a high-quality cotton shirt is one of the indispensable items in all seasons.

100% Cotton Fabrics

100% Cotton Fabrics

2. Blended fabric

This kind of fabric is made by mixing cotton and chemical fiber in a certain proportion (of course, the higher the cotton, the more expensive it is). This kind of fabric not only absorbs the advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, but also avoids their respective disadvantages as much as possible. Most ordinary shirts are made of this kind of fabric, which is not easy to deform, wrinkle, dye or change color. Some blends have some functions, such as relatively high elasticity, and are also used in higher-grade shirts for special purposes.

3. 100% chemical fiber fabric

100% chemical fiber fabrics are textiles made of fibers using polymer compounds as raw materials. Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, crisp drape, smoothness and comfort. Their disadvantages are abrasion resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, and air permeability. They are easily deformed when exposed to heat and are prone to static electricity. Although it can be used to make all kinds of clothing, but the overall grade is not high, it is difficult to be elegant. In terms of shirts, 100% chemical fiber fabric means cheap and low-end. However, certain types of chemical fiber fabrics have some unique characteristics, such as high elasticity, high breathability and waterproofness, high gloss, high abrasion resistance, etc., so purified fiber fabrics are also used in shirts for special purposes, such as costumes that require gloss. , Dance clothes that need elasticity, outdoor clothes that need waterproof, etc.

4. Linen fabric

The nobles in Shirt Fabrics are comfortable to wear, soft and sweat-absorbing, but they are easily wrinkled, deformed, stained or discolored. Flax's natural breathability, moisture absorption and freshness make it a free-breathing textile. It can reduce the human body's room temperature by 4-8°C at room temperature and is called "natural air conditioner". Hemp has the defect of being easy to wrinkle, and it will get wrinkled after tens of minutes.

5. Wool

The fabric made from pure wool worsted is warm, thick and has good visual effects. But easy to wrinkle, easy to deform, easy to moth, easy to shrink. It is recommended that you buy a wool shirt when you consider warmth in winter, because its care is slightly more troublesome than linen and pure cotton.

6. Silk fabric

The real silk fabric is pure silkworm white woven silk fabric, which is recognized as the most luxurious fabric in the world. It naturally exudes a beautiful luster. The high-weight silk fabric has always been the fabric of the top luxury shirt. The traditional and noble velvet fabric reinterprets the elegant and noble gentleman temperament. Because of the cumbersome maintenance of silk fabrics, it reflects the characteristics of "aristocracy".

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