Submission Guidelines

Articles Pool like to publish content from experts who can provide unique, informative and high quality content. This is excellent opportunity for our viewers to learn from experts.

Articles Pool values the content of every article. We need that every article submitted to our directory is original and written by you. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing loves original and quality content. If you want us to assist you to make promote your article among your readers and publishers, then please submit high quality, unique and original articles. Failing to submit original, unique and quality article may leads to trashing your post or cancelation of your account.

Articles Pool-Submission Guidelines:

Article Quality: Article must be a minimum of 350 words and should be very informative and engaging.  To ensure your article gets published, make sure that your article is unique and original.

Add Images: Images and videos are excellent option to convey more news in short duration. Add images related to your content for faster approval.

Self-Promotion: we allow genuine contribution and allow backlinks to your website. You can include maximum of two links pointing your website. Avoid linking spam websites.

Copyright: We respect our author contribution. In case we found that your article is copied, it may leads to instant removal of your post or account. By submitting your post to Articles Pool, you offer us ownership rights of the post. It assists us to deal with DMCA issues.

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