Whirly Board Balance Board

22 Sep.,2022


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More than a Balance Board

What makes a Whirly Board unique are the three independent balance points. Each balance point allows pivoting or spinning for endless possibilities of motion, skills, and tricks.

When we started working on the design for this balance board we were like hey, you have got to be able to pull some awesome tricks on this thing or there really is no point. Its easy for experienced riders to get bored on something like this when all you can do is rock back and forth and maybe do a little something here and there. We wanted to change this from the beginning, and through a bunch of testing and prototyping, we were able to design a board worth using. The Whirly Board allows for more tricks and more progression than any other balance board on the market, period. The only limit is your imagination.

Practice full spins of 360º or more—with this fun-but-challenging balance board. Initially invented with board sports in mind, this solid one-piece board is great for any athlete. Take your balance and skills to a whole new level and get a great workout with Whirly Board!

Indoor fun to build outdoor skills for skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, all forms of water skiing, yoga, snowboarding, Cross-country Skiing, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, rehabilitation, building strong core muscles working out, using at your Stand Up Desk and more ..