Bumper Plates Explained - What Are Bumper Plates?

02 Mar.,2023


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Bumper Plates versus Iron Plates

Iron plates are the more traditional barbell plates you will find in many gyms, and the reason Charles Gaines coined the term “Pumping Iron” in reference to weight lifting.

Made simply by pouring molten iron into a circular shaping tool, they are used for many traditional bodybuilding and powerlifting movements with the idea that the one performing the lift won’t bail out of it.

Dropping iron plates is incredibly loud and can cause the plates, the barbell, or the floor to break. For this reason, many commercial gyms are opting for bumper plates over iron.

While both plates have their pros and cons, it is often beneficial to have access to both for a variety of workouts. However, if you’re looking to go with one or the other for your home gym or even commercially, then bumper plates are more often the better choice given their durability, safety, and practicality.

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