How to Use Cable Crossover?

29 Jan.,2021

As a Cable Crossover Manufacturer, share with you.


As a , share with you.

Step-by-step reading

The Big Bird Trainer is a perfect standing full-body fitness exerciser. The Big Bird Trainer BFTFITNESS has formulated some guidelines for correct practice. Follow the tips below to exercise can effectively avoid injuries and exercise muscles more quickly.

Gym Cable Machine

Gym Cable Machine


Weight selection

The choice of the weight of the counterweight depends on your exercise goal. If you want to increase muscle, you must continuously increase the weight and constantly challenge your limit. If you want to lose weight, just choose a weight that can burn your body. The most important thing is to make yourself sweat.

Setting of pulley

When exercising, adjust the height of the pulley to a height suitable for your exercise

Start with your body in the middle of the big bird trainer, adjust the handle to slightly lower than shoulder height. Grab the handle and bring your palm forward and your arm roughly parallel to the ground. Keep your elbows slightly bent. Grab the handle and take a step back (not forward). Pull the handle down to your chest and walk forward. In a staggered position, press down on the handle to align your wrist with your shoulder.

Use your front legs as an "angle indicator" to make a staggered posture, bend your elbows slightly, and lift your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and spread your arms around your chest level. Keep your shoulders parallel and don't put your hands behind you. Then, with your chest, pull the weight back to the starting position at the same height as your front leg, and repeat.

5 wrong actions

Do not lean or lean your body forward.

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