Seven Major Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is a special division of dentistry that provides attractive smile on the face of patients who are dealing with severe dental problems. This is the effective and affordable method that provides immediate results with no pain and no time.

In the current days of beauty and long-lasting youth, this new dentistry is emerging as the most recommended method. All the Best Dentist in Philadelphia is recommending the procedures of cosmetic dentistry and improving the look of their teeth, smile, and the mouth.

Major cosmetic dentistry treatments in Philadelphia

  1. Bonding teeth

This is an application of tooth-colored resin material that uses adhesive and high intensity special curing light. It is beneficial for improving the mouth appearance and brightening the smile.

  1. Dental bridges

Dental bridges like partial dentures and implants are used for the replacement of the missing teeth. It is a low-risk, time-tested, and affordable treatment for missing teeth that bridges the gap when teeth are lost.

  1. Dental crowns

This is a tooth-shaped cap positioned over teeth to wrap the tooth and restore its size, strength, and shape, and also maintain the functionality of damaged teeth. It may be required to protect weak tooth, restore existing broken teeth, hold dental bridge, make cosmetic changes, cover misshapen teeth, and dental implant.

  1. Dental implants

This is a replacement tooth root that provides a solid base for the permanent or removable replacement teeth made to look similar to your natural teeth. Implants are metal frames that surgically placed into the jawbone under the gums. Its major advantages include improved speech, nice look, enhanced comfort, effortless eating, and long-lasting results.

  1. Invisalign braces

This is the most advanced clear aligner that transforms the smile and life by straightening the teeth without using typical metal braces. It includes wearing a series of custom-made clear aligners that shift the teeth into right position. These are extremely easy to put on and take off. It provide the better and newer smile by giving healthy teeth, better results, and allows you to smile confidently and eat your favorite food.

  1. Veneers

Veneers is among the most popular smile makeover treatment options that provides the nice smile by treating chipped and stained teeth, or have gaps in between. Dental veneer is a layer of tooth-colored porcelain that is placed over the teeth’s facial surface to improve the worn teeth enamel, discoloration, uneven tooth alignment or cracked teeth. Patients generally choose this Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia to improve the teeth brightness and straighten the smile.  

  1. Teeth whitening

This is the popular, affordable, and easily accessible procedure that lightens the natural color of teeth without actually removing any tooth surface. However, it does not change the shade completely but lightens the existing color.

What will be the cost of cosmetic dentistry?

The rates of cosmetic dentistry depend on the type of treatment you are getting but one thing is sure that you will get your attractive smile at the reasonable charges. Consult with the dentist regarding your needs and dental problems to better understand the procedure and total cost involved. Some trusted dentist also offer special discounts on several cosmetic methods such as teeth whitening, complete smile makeovers, etc, and also helps in choosing the right dental insurance plan.

Author’s bio: Author is one of the members working with the Best Dentist in Philadelphia at the popular dental office. There are large numbers of people that are getting cosmetic dentistry procedure for their improved smile appearance.


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