Traffic Barrel warn vehicles and traffic of hazards

03 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Traffic Barrel and Drum for Sale industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Increased visibility in construction zones, our traffic barrels are the tallest on the market.

Traffic Channelizers or Plastic Drums

Our customers enjoy our traffic control drums because they give industry-leading benefits for all your traffic control needs because our traffic barrel provide longer service and are made of low-density polyethylene material that is fade resistant.

Molded grab grips and high-intensity luminous striping are included with the barrels. This makes it simple for your employees to transport and store your traffic channelizer drums.

Our safety drums are extremely robust in a variety of climates.

When is it appropriate to utilize a traffic barrel?

Traffic barrels or traffic drums with reflective surfaces can be utilized in a variety of construction projects. A reflective traffic barrel is typically utilized on interstates, highways, or other high-speed roadways where cars must change lanes. These transitions are caused by the closure of one or more lanes for repair. Barrels are frequently utilized in temporary building projects. When a lane must be closed for an extended period of time, concrete barrier walls or water-filled water barrels may be used. In other circumstances, where people are present, a traffic drum may be deployed. Traffic drums provide a large, highly visible device that is an excellent technique to direct pedestrian traffic.

Are barrels appropriate for your business?

We all know that most contractors prefer to close lanes using traffic cones, but traffic cones aren't always the safest solution for securing the work zone. Because they provide significantly more visibility than type 2 barricades or traffic cones, traffic barrels are a wonderful choice. Job places are safer when there is more visibility. Reflective collars of 4" and 6" are available on our traffic barrels. The fluorescent collars wrap around the whole circle of the barrel, providing 360-degree visibility for your work zone. The reflective collars are available in three different reflectivity classes. 1st class engineer 2- Extremely High Intensity. 3- Diamond Quality.

Base choices for Traffic Barrels

Our barrel series provides for a variety of base configurations. You can choose from two alternative bases to secure your drums to the ground. Either a recycled tire ring or a compressed crumb rubber snap on base are available. The tire ring is a cost-effective choice that comes with a 24 pound base.

The tire ring foundation is significantly less durable than the compressed rubber snap on base. In addition, the squeezed snap on the base ensures long-term durability. They are designed to release from the barrel upon contact from a vehicle when utilizing either the tire ring base or a snap on base.

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