Katzentracker - Tiny, SAM R34-Powered LoRa Locator

18 Mar.,2023


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Seems like a lot of us on E14 have cats, dogs, or other pets.  I saw an interesting article on Hackster about a LoRa based pet tracker: Katzentracker LoRa Locator

It's a really neat and compact unit incorporating a miniature LoRa module, accelerometer, and GPS on a round 30mm PCB.  I entertained the thought of maybe trying to pre-order one, but there's no pricing or delivery estimate yet.

What I found interesting is the Microchip SAM R34 chip that combines a Cortex-M0 with a sub GHz radio.  It would be neat to build your own LoRa tracker or remote sensor.  The Katzentracker is using an Embest EMB LR1276S wireless module that incorporates the SAM R34 in a 11.5x11.5 mm module.  Microchip also sells a module with castellated pads that is slightly larger (17x13.5 mm), but would be a lot easier to use for a hacker like me.  The WLR089U0-I/RM is $14.77 at DigiKey, but unfortunately has no stock and a 30 week lead time.  

This is definitely a project on my to do list for the future.  Good project for a custom PCB.  Maybe E14 will do a roadtest .

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