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28 Jan.,2021

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XIU08-130A is produced and developed by CIMC. The box body and LID are made of one-piece foaming forming process, which is wear-resistant and drop-resistant. It is made of the best thermal insulation material (VIP board) and high -density Polyurethane (Pu). The box body size standard, the structure is firm, the tightness is good, can effectively reduce the energy loss. The inner liner adopts cold-resistant PC, and the outer shell adopts PP Hollow Board. The overall protection is strong, beautiful, durable. It is one of the most advanced medicine temperature-controlled incubator in China.

Cold Chain Container

Cold Chain Container

Since serving the market, it has been extensively tested and shipped 77,000 times. XIU08-130A can meet a variety of temperature requirements, including 2 ~ 8 degrees Celsius, 15 ~ 25 degrees celsius,-15 ~-25 degrees Celsius temperature control product transportation . At the beginning of the year when the international epidemic spread, carrying the new crown reagent box flew to more than 100 countries and regions. Compared with the active cooler, the XIU08-130A is suitable for all kinds of mainstream aircrafts and is free of space limitation. It makes maximum use of the aircrafts'loading space, and the loading rate is 15.4% higher.

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