What is the Difference Between a Medical Refrigerator and a Household Refrigerator?

09 Jan.,2021

Cold Chain Equipment Manufacturer to tell you what the difference is.


a flat bottom pouch to tell you what the difference is. The refrigerators commonly used in medicine are mainly divided into: medicine refrigerators (2-8°C), blood refrigerators (4°C), low temperature refrigerators, and ultra-low temperature refrigerators. There are also big differences between medical refrigerators and household refrigerators in the selection of materials, production methods, instructions.

Insulation Containers

Insulation Containers

Pharmaceutical refrigerator: Medicine refrigerator is a professional equipment for refrigerating medicines in the medical industry. It is mainly used for medicines, biological preparations, vaccines, blood refrigeration, preservation, transportation, and can also be used to store biological products. Applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, and health centers.

The temperature of medicine refrigerator generally fluctuates in the range of 2-8℃, and the product structure is mainly vertical tank, horizontal tank and portable car refrigerator. Most of the products are foam doors and glass doors. Foam doors have the characteristics of good heat preservation effect and light weight, and glass doors are intuitive and beautiful. Imported computer temperature controller, digital display, high temperature control accuracy, high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor failure alarm and safety lock function to prevent accidents. It adopts a new type of fully enclosed high-grade compressor with balanced operation, low noise and long service life. The finned evaporator improves the cooling speed. Humanized design, reliable and convenient temperature control. Microcomputer control, digital temperature display, adjustment increment is 0.1℃. Air-cooled system, the temperature fluctuation range in the box is ±2℃, and the temperature in the box can be constantly controlled at 2~8℃ by adjusting the set temperature. Built-in circulating fan, ultra-quiet design. Double-layer hollow glass insulation design.

The common medical refrigerators include blood refrigerators, medicine refrigerators, general laboratory refrigerators, and ice-lined vaccine storage boxes. Compared with household refrigerators and commercial refrigerators, medical refrigerators require high temperature control accuracy, small temperature fluctuations in the box, and high uniformity. Electronic controllers are mostly used. After the door is opened, the temperature fluctuations are small, the temperature recovers quickly, and it has a complete alarm system. (Over-temperature alarm, door open alarm, power failure alarm, temperature probe abnormal alarm, remote alarm, etc.), and some require a temperature recorder or micro-printer to record the temperature operation so that it can be checked, etc.

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