5 Great Solutions for Video Display in a Conference Room

26 Sep.,2022


Conference Room Monitors

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Conference rooms are widely used in the industry and education for discussions and trainings. These places are meeting points of several people who must have common information source that must be shared among the group members.

All eyes in any large conference room are going to be fixed on the single display or a video wall in front, which will display the high-quality, essential information needed to support what a speaker is saying. So, if you want to really wow audiences of colleagues, business partners, and customers, then an outstanding video wall display is the best way to do just that.

And when it comes to video walls then we need to speak about video wall controllers as well. A controller can bring out the best from your video wall.

What to Look Out For

You don’t want people to come away from a conference or meeting you’ve hosted feeling underwhelmed. For one thing, they’re far less likely to remember the information you shared if they do. For another, your business and brand won’t make the sort of positive impression that it has the potential of bringing to the customer.

To make a lasting impact, you’ll need to make sure that the video display you opt for is sharp, clear, and big enough for the space. Video walls are the perfect option. Not only are they great for displaying varied information from multiple sources side-by-side, but the best will also be large enough and fast enough to support even the most advanced multimedia and multi-user presentations.

The Best Video Wall Solutions for Conference Rooms

There are plenty of display and video wall solutions on the market these days. To make your buying journey that much smoother, here are five different types that are available to purchase right now. 

1. Panasonic TH-55LFV9U 55” Class Video Wall Display


Panasonic’s latest offering to the world of top-of-the-range video walls is the new TH-55LFV9U 55” Class Video Wall Display. And, it's impressive for several reasons. First off is the 4K resolution images that it transmits as standard across four large screens, and the astonishing brightness with which it transmits those images.

Secondly, as with the brand’s earlier TH-55VF1HU 55” Class Video Wall Display model, it features ultra-narrow bezels. At 3.5mm, the minute bezel-to-bezel distance makes for a seamless solution. Display one large image with minimal disruption, or maneuver infographics, graphs, video, and more across screens for the most logical and eye-catching visual presentation possible.

If all that wasn’t enough, it is also compatible with Panasonic’s own Video Wall Manager software, which allows multiple displays to be managed either individually or simultaneously by just one computer. This software can promise complete, non-stop reliability and automatic adjustment of display inputs, all at an impressive speed.

2. Samsung VH55R-R Video Wall


For those tempted by Samsung’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge results in areas across the audiovisual sector, their VH55R-R model is sure to impress. Just like Panasonic's product, it can offer a Full HD experience. However, what makes this product stand out is the way it further enriches its display with image enhancement technology.

Each image or infographic you choose to display on your Samsung video wall will be improved in real-time, with adjustments to color saturation and contrast making each frame sharper and more vibrant. Similarly, the Black Equalizer mode lightens dark or black and white images to make unclear details far easier to see.

Other notable features include the wall’s incredibly thin, 0.44mm bezels, which help to make the viewing experience that much more immersive. In addition, it can offer wide viewing angles, meaning that all attendees can enjoy this impressive viewing experience, even when viewing from a difficult vantage point.

3. Planar LED MultiTouch


For a more interactive viewing experience, consider Planar’s LED MultiTouch video wall. Perfect for conference presentations that require a lot of varied information, or even for collaborative meetings with coworkers. This solution is easy to use and dynamic, offering a seamless experience for users and viewers alike.

While high-tech, Planar’s offering is also simple in design and ultra lightweight. This has to do with the innovative Planar PLTS technology that powers it, which comes in the form of a specialized, durable, and protective LED touch surface that is as sleek as it is reliable.

No matter what size your conference or meeting room might be, there’s more than likely a Planar LED MultiTouch to suit your needs. Choose from 108”, 151”, or 196” screens that can offer up to 32-point simultaneous touch capabilities, and interact seamlessly with your presentation information.

4. NEC LED-FA012i2-220

If you’re after a completely seamless video wall display, take a look at Sharp/NEC’s LED-FA012i2-220 220” LED video wall. One of its most remarkable features is its bezel-less design, which allows it to deliver multimedia presentations without the interruption of gaps between screens.

As well as its gapless image delivery, the picture on-screen can be displayed either in Native HD, Full HD, or Ultra HD, so you can be sure it will always appear vivid and bright. Best of all, if you don't have a direct view of a presentation displayed on the NEC LED FA012i2-220, you will be able to enjoy the on-screen graphics, thanks to wide viewing angles.

Slim, easy to install, and secured with high-end components and data cards, this is a product that you can rely on to deliver.

5. Absen Absenicon 3.0 Series


The Absenicon 3.0 Series is the latest line of products from Absen, which aims to facilitate everything from better conference presentations to improved brainstorming sessions between colleagues. With easy operation management through its user-friendly interface, dual operating systems that make it compatible with both Android and Windows, and fast installation, it’s a great option for businesses looking for a comprehensive, reliable solution.

The benefits of this product don’t end with its easy usability. It also offers an innovative screen share function that can support image display from four different sources at one time, making it an excellent tool for collaboration. And, with its super-slim frame and 110% NTSC cinematic level color gamut, it is similarly well-suited to larger-scale presentations and conferences.

Choosing the Perfect Video Wall Solutions for Your Conference Room

There are plenty of video wall solutions for you to choose from if you’re planning on upgrading your conference room or meeting space. But, if you want to find the perfect one for you, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Think about how many people might have to give a presentation at any one time,
  • How many sources of information you might want to be displayed in your conference room.
  • Some video walls come equipped with bezels, which may interrupt the flow of your display, while others can support higher quality picture over a greater number of separate screens.

Some of these features might be better-suited to your needs than others. However, one thing is for sure: if you go with one of these video walls, you’re sure to achieve excellent results in your conference room every time you turn it on.

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