Multithreading and Multitasking in Java


Multithreading in java is a process of executing multiple threads simultaneously. Thread is fundamentally a lightweight sub-handle, a littlest unit of preparing. Multiprocessing and multithreading, both are utilized to accomplish multitasking.

Be that as it may, we utilize multithreading than multiprocessing since strings share a typical memory range. They don’t allocate separate memory territory so spares memory, and setting exchanging between the strings takes less time than process. Java Multithreading is mostly used in games, animation etc.


  • General: better utilization of framework assets
  • Parallelize undertakings
  • Upgraded execution on multi-processor machines
  • Multithreaded servers and intuitive GUIs: better accessibility


  • General: expanded intricacy
  • Synchronization of shared assets (objects, information)
  • Hard to investigate, result is at times eccentric
  • Potential stops
  • “Starvation”: a few strings may not be presented with a terrible plan
  • Building and synchronizing strings is CPU/memory serious


Multitasking, in a working framework, is enabling a client to perform more than one PC errand at once. The working framework can monitor where you are in these errands and go from one to the next without losing data.

Multitasking can be achieved by two ways:

  • Process-based Multitasking(Multiprocessing)
  • Thread-based Multitasking(Multithreading)

Process-based Multitasking (Multiprocessing)

  • Each procedure has its own particular address in memory i.e. each procedure allots isolate memory zone.
  • Process is heavyweight.
  • Cost of correspondence between the procedures is high.
  • Changing starting with one process then onto the next require some time for sparing and stacking registers, memory maps, refreshing records and so on.

Thread-based Multitasking (Multithreading)

  • Strings share a similar address space.
  • String is lightweight.
  • Cost of correspondence between the strings is low.

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