International Journal of Fracture and Damage Mechanics

15 Dec.,2022


Ceramic Foam Filter


Ceramic Filters in Liquid Metal Process


B. Goswami, N. Biswas, R. Biswas, J. Banerjee



Subscriptive usage of clean steel fabrication has pursued in this article. Foam filtration has been schemed to produce slag/inclusion free cast metal fabrication. Ceramic filter has been articulated under various porosity diameters to filter out non-metallic containment usually present in molten metal. Silicon carbide as resolved associative aluminum oxide protocoled constitutive has been used to achieve proper structural stability and resistance to thermal shock. Advent has been usual removal of oxide as formed on surface of molten metal, e.g., aluminum melt, otherwise, as solidified quality of cast metal has improved. So forth, filtration has descriptive issued as inline metal treatment before liquid metal casting. Meet/exceed of ethical expectation has ever secured by pure form of metallic accustom, in other words, subject has been to reduce inclusion level. Methodical has referred as upstream process stage to accuse order of flow control before entrance to filter system i.e., to deliver prior to cast product. Sintered ceramic foam has been tough, which has been accused from foam structure. Characteristic feature of ceramic foam has been porosity to assist as resolved permeable scope score to filter molten metal. So forth, applicable other area has been filtered of hot gas, thermal protection excused perform and exchange heat adoptive issue.