How to Choose a Jewelry Box: 5 Helpful Tips

10 Nov.,2022


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While we totally agree that it’s much better to wear your fine jewelry as often as possible rather than keep it tucked away only to be worn on special occasions, there are times when you simply shouldn’t wear it, such as in a swimming pool where chlorine can cause damage, or in very cold weather, which can cause your fingers to shrink and make it easier for your rings to slip off, or while gardening where abrasive rocks and dirt can scratch jewelry, or even when your performing strenuous activity that can cause you to sweat, which can also damage jewelry, especially sterling silver.

During those times, it’s best to take your jewelry off and store it in a safe place. Hopefully, you have a jewelry box for that purpose. Jewelry boxes, which are usually bought based solely on how they look, should also be able to protect your jewelry from damage; they should both flatter your jewelry and protect it. With that in mind, here are 5 tips for how to choose a jewelry box.

  1. First, to whom are you planning to give this jewelry box? To yourself? A child? An adult? A family member,or a special friend? Children, for example, often love lighted or musical jewelry boxes. They are charming and make for lovely keepsakes. They’re also very suitable for children’s jewelry. (And if you need a little help with buying jewelry for children, check out this article about

    what jewelry to buy and not buy for children)

    . For someone who has a lot of jewelry and needs practical storage, stackable jewelry boxes are ideal. As the name implies, stackable jewelry boxes consist of trays that can be stacked on top of each other. Each tray might have a different layout so there are plenty of options for storing your different jewelry. As a gift, mirrored jewelry boxes are lovely as are rotating jewelry boxes, which have a variety of compartments and trays too.

  2. Second, consider the shape of the jewelry box. The most common shapes for single-piece jewelry boxes are oval, rectangular, round, or square boxes, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well, such as diamond, heart, or seashell shapes. Note, however, that the standard shapes are roomier than the more unique shapes.

  3. Also the materials – we’re no longer limited to velvet or satin-lined boxes. Silk and cotton are also acceptable and popular. The most important thing here is that the lining should be soft and lint-free to avoid possible abrasion of your jewelry. For the box itself, wood is a great option. It is durable, protects the jewelry and helps block moisture buildup, which can damage your jewelry after prolonged exposure. Glass jewelry boxes are another option. While they come in many different sizes, their design is usually relatively simple, consisting of a single, simple compartment. These make nice gifts because they are very chic and attractive looking, but they are more fragile than other types of jewelry boxes, so they are not the best choice for long-time jewelry storage.

  4. Size – Is this for a single piece of jewelry or will you store several pieces together? If you have a lot of jewelry and will be storing them together, you’ll want a larger box with plenty of compartments and a place for your necklaces. Or perhaps you just have a lot of rings – then you’ll want a jewelry box with plenty of slots where each ring can be placed. Maybe you have a lot of small pieces like earrings or bracelets. In this case, choose a box with plenty of compartments to make organizing your jewelry simpler. Necklaces more your thing? Make sure you have a jewelry box that has an upright design with plenty of room to hang your necklaces.

    And then there are locks – do you want to be able to lock your jewelry box? Some people prefer locks as an added precaution against young, curious children who might think your jewelry would be a great dress-up accessory. Locks are also good if you plan to carry your jewelry in your jewelry box while traveling.

To sum things up

Jewelry boxes come in many different shapes, styles, and varieties, and whether you already possess a lot of jewelry or just a few pieces, and are looking to grow your collection with new pieces you’ve admired, or with some customized jewelry, finding the right jewelry box is part of the fun of owning jewelry as well as an important aspect of its care and preservation. Jewelry boxes also make wonderful gifts for all occasions, for people of all ages, and for all relationships. They also make great gifts for ourselves, help us organize our jewelry, and help keep it safe from damage and loss.