The Advantages Of Steel Mesh And Its Wide Application

15 Jan.,2021

The birth of Concrete Reinforcement Mesh has greatly improved the quality of steel engineering, increased the construction speed, strengthened the crack resistance of concrete, and has better comprehensive economic benefits.


The birth of Machining Accesories has greatly improved the quality of steel engineering, increased the construction speed, strengthened the crack resistance of concrete, and has better comprehensive economic benefits.

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing Mesh

The advantages of steel mesh

1.Engineering quality: Welded steel wire mesh is produced by a fully automatic intelligent production line under strict control of the factory. The grid size, steel bar specifications and quality are strictly controlled. This manufacturing method avoids the omission of the net. In addition, the products produced are very strong and can compensate for manual errors and cut corners. Reinforcing steel mesh also has greater rigidity, good elasticity, uniform and precise spacing and higher welding point strength, which greatly improves the quality of the product.

2. Improve earthquake resistance and crack resistance: The longitudinal and transverse steel bars of the Welded Steel Mesh form a mesh structure, which has good adhesion and anchorage to the concrete, and the load is evenly distributed, which greatly improves the seismic and crack resistance. According to actual tests, compared with manual production, welded steel mesh on roads can reduce cracks by more than 75%.

3. Speed up the construction progress: The use of steel mesh can make the project construction faster. As long as the operator lays the welded steel mesh as required, the concrete can be poured without cutting on-site, placing and tying the steel one by one. It can save 50%-70% of working time, greatly speed up the construction progress and shorten the construction period.

the use of steel mesh

Reinforcing Steel Mesh can be used in bridge construction, that is, bridge steel mesh. It seems to replace manual tensioning steel bars. It is a new, energy-efficient reinforced concrete structure. Bridge steel mesh is a kind of low-carbon wire. After cold rolling and straightening, it has been cooled down. Special equipment is used to arrange vertical and horizontal directions at a certain interval. All intersections are welded together by resistance spot welding to form a steel mesh .

According to the different types of steel bars, the bridge steel mesh can be divided into hot rolled steel welded mesh, cold drawn smooth steel welded mesh and cold rolled ribbed steel welded mesh. Bridge steel mesh is a mesh piece in which longitudinal steel bars and transverse steel bars are arranged at a certain interval and at right angles to each other, and all intersections are welded together. It plays an inestimable role in bridge construction.

According to the quality acceptance of thousands of domestic bridge application projects, the use of steel mesh has significantly improved the quality of bridge deck paving. The pass rate of the thickness of the protective layer is over 97%, and the flatness is high. Improve the bridge deck with almost no cracks, increase the speed of paving by more than 50%, and reduce the cost of bridge paving by about 10%. Mainly used for pavement of municipal bridges, highway bridges, renovation of old bridge decks, crack prevention of bridge piers, etc. It is worth mentioning that the welding procedure of the bridge steel mesh is controlled by the computer to ensure the welding quality and the stability of the steel, and the grid spacing will not lose the strength and cross-sectional area of the original steel reinforcement, which can save 30%-40% of the steel. , Shorten the construction period by 80%, save labor by 60%, greatly reduce the cost, and bring huge economic and social benefits.