3 Facts About Baling Wire You May Not Have Known

21 Jul.,2022

Baling wire started in the agricultural industry, but now has so many more uses. Here are three interesting facts about baling wire that show why you need it.


12 gauge baling wire

12 gauge baling wire

Baling wire first hit the scene in the late 1800’s and was primarily used in the agricultural industry. One of its first uses was to secure bundles of hay on farms, but the bundling process was far from perfect. Baling wire wasn’t as durable back then and would chip off, running farmers the risk of their animals being severely harmed. Over the years, baling wire’s strength, durability, and value has increased exponentially, and it has become an essential item used in many different industries.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is a proud supplier of many types of baling wire including black and galvanized single loop bale ties, galvanized hi-tensile baling wire, and auto-tie, just to name a few. Just recently, we’ve even become a distributor for Orbit Metals, a company that specializes in baling wire and bale ties. As our company continues to grow and customer demand increases, it was important to us to add more baling wire products to our already extensive inventory of merchandise.

Interested in our baling wire? Well, here are three facts about baling wire you may not have known and that may get you excited to purchase it from us:

  1. Although one of its primary uses is to package and secure bales, baling wire is also frequently used to galvanize other metals. This is when metal is dipped into another solution, usually zinc, forming a protective cover to shield the metal underneath from corrosion. Galvanizing greatly extends the life of the wire, and baling wire is strong enough to withstand the plunge into a hot molten substance.
  2. Baling wire has been around for over a century and continues to be a “fix-it-all” solution in the farming, industrial, and recycling industry. During The Great Depression, it was common for people to say, “you can fix anything with some spit and baling wire.” Many alternatives have since been invented, but baling wire continues to be a leader in its own right.
  3. In the construction industry, steel stockholders rely on baling wire to transport significant amounts of steel from one place to another. Baling wire in the form of catchweight coils is strong enough to fasten and hold the steel together, but also extremely pliable to adapt to many different sized materials.

Wickwire Warehouse Inc. is one of the top stainless steel rod, stainless steel wire, and baling wire suppliers in the nation. We are dedicated to providing fast and efficient services to our constantly growing customer base. To learn more about our company and the stainless steel products we sell, please browse our website.