Testing Drone Motors and Propellers

27 Oct.,2022


Drone Test Equipment

Tyto Robotics has released an article highlighting the reasons for testing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) motors and propellers. While manufacturer data can give an idea of which motors and propellers will work in a particular drone design, testing is not standardized across manufacturers, making it impossible to compare parts.

Read the full article on Tyto Robotics’ website

Reasons for testing drone motors and propellers detailed in the article include:

  • Increasing the flight time, range and payload capacity
  • Recording diagnostics
  • Safety, certification and quality assurance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Noise and vibration testing
  • Thermal testing of drone motors
  • Characterizing the throttle response
  • Solving in-flight icing issues

To find out more about the benefits of testing your drone’s propulsion system, and how Tyto Robotics’ test stands and solutions can help ease the testing process, read the full article here.