Features of CNC machine tools

28 Jan.,2021

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Features of CNC machine tools

Compared with traditional machine tools, controlled machine tools have the following characteristics.

(1) High flexibility

Machining parts on a Bearings depends on the machining sequence. It is different from ordinary machine tools. There is no manufacturing, no need to change many molds and fixtures, and no need to adjust the machine tool constantly. Therefore, CNC machine tools are used for machining parts where frequent replacement, suitable for single, small batch product consumption and development of new products, thus extending the production preparation cycle and saving a small amount of process equipment costs.

CNC machine

(2) High machining accuracy

The machining accuracy of CNC machine tools can reach 0.05-0.1mm respectively. CNC machine tools are controlled according to digital signal conditions. Each time a pulse signal is output from the CNC unit, the moving parts of the machine move one pulse equivalent (0.001MM, respectively) and the machine moves forward. The uniform error of transmission chain clearance and pitch can be compensated by CNC installation, so the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools is higher.

(3) The processing quality is stable and reliable

On the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, using the same tool and processing sequence processing of the same batch of parts, the cutting path of the tool is complete and the same, the parts have good consistency, the quality is stable.

(4) High consumption rate

CNC machine tools can effectively increase the processing time and auxiliary time of parts. The wide range of spindle sound and feed speeds for CNC machines allows the machine to perform powerful cuts through a large number of cuts. CNC machine tools are now entering the period of high speed machining. Fast movement and positioning of moving parts and high speed cutting of CNC machine tools greatly increase the consumption rate. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with the tool library of the machining center to realize the continuous processing of multiple processes on a single machine tool, thus increasing the turnover time of semi-finished products and improving the consumption rate.

(5) Improve rest conditions

Before adjusting CNC machine machining, output sequence and starting up, the machine can actively continue machining until the machining is complete. The operator is required to perform tasks such as sequential output, compilation, part loading and unloading, tool preparation, machining status observation and part testing. The remainder of the strength is greatly reduced and the remainder of the machine tool operator is often a sane task. In addition, the machine tools are individually assembled, which is both clean and safe.

(6) Utilize consumption management modernization

CNC machine tools can accurately predict post-processing time, and the tools and fixtures used can be standardized and modernized. It is easy to standardize information processing. At present, it has been organically combined with computer aided design and production (CAD/CAM), which is the foundation of modern integrated production skills.

The composition of CNC machine tools

Modern CNC machine tool consists of sequence, output equipment, CNC device, servo system and machine tool body.

We are CNC lathe machine tools manufacturers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.