Save Time and Money with a Pallet Wrapping Machine

19 Dec.,2022


pallet shrink wrap machine

Taking the plunge and moving from hand pallet wrapping to wrapping with a machine will save time and money. A simple turntable pallet wrapping machine with a pre-stretched head can save money, reduce film waste, and help with employee morale. This post is a follow up to a previous article we wrote about stretch wrap machine advantages.

Any company wrapping more than eight pallets per day should consider upgrading to a pallet wrapping machine. Some companies even choose a machine when wrapping fewer than eight pallets per day, depending on who is manually wrapping the pallets. We want to point out the facts for anyone considering the purchase of a pallet wrapping machine.

Increased Stretch Rates

Manually wrapping pallets by hand can be strenuous and time-consuming. Most hand stretch film can stretch from 70% - 90%. The person applying the film needs to pull tightly around the pallet to maintain a 90% stretch rate. The increased stretch turns 5,000 feet of stretch film to 9,500 feet. Attaining the full stretch rate saves on waste and money, almost doubling the length of the roll.

Wrapping pallets with a machine maintains a consistent stretch rate throughout the entire process. Most pallet wrapping machines sustain a 250% stretch rate. With a 250% stretch rate, 5,000 ft. of film increases to 17,500 ft. of film. The higher, more consistent stretch rate undoubtedly saves film and money over wrapping pallets by hand.

Increased Load Retention

As a result of the consistent stretch rate a pallet wrapping machine provides, product loads are better secured. The increased stretch rate holds products in place without allowing shifting during transport. Reduced movement prevents damaged loads and protects product shipments.

Improved Worker Productivity

One of the often-overlooked aspects of shifting from manually wrapping pallets to wrapping with a machine is worker productivity and morale. Anyone familiar with wrapping several pallets per day knows it is not a fun job. After a few revolutions, you begin to get dizzy, further magnified if wrapping in a warm environment.

While the machine is wrapping the pallet, workers are free to complete other tasks or prepare more pallets to be packaged. Once the machine completes wrapping, the film needs to be cut, and the pallet is ready to go. With a ramp, a pallet jack or forklift can be used to remove the pallet for the machine.


The initial capital expenditure of a pallet wrapping machine can deter people from considering the benefits they can provide. In film savings, a machine can pay for itself within months if high numbers of pallets are being wrapped.

In addition to film savings the machine provides, it also ensures more stable loads. The consistent stretch rate secures product loads by reducing movement during transport. Reducing products from shifting helps to prevent product loss.

For more information about purchasing a pallet wrapping machine and the advantages you can attain, call 1-800-441-5090.