CNC Lathes for Sale

04 Feb.,2023


2-Axis CNC Lathe Machine

A CNC lathe is a modern computer controlled lathe. Summit Machine Tool is one of the metalworking industry’s largest providers of CNC metal lathes. Take a look at our innovative SmartCut CNC lathe and Flatbed CNC lathe. With swings from 14 inches up to 42 inches, Summit has a lathe for every application. For lathes with center distances larger than 240 inches, please contact our sales department directly for more information at (800) 654 3262.

CNC lathe

The push for advanced techniques and automation in the manufacturing industry has resulted in high demand for cutting-edge turning centers. Metal lathes, a standard of the manufacturing industry for over a hundred years, are now  available with Computer Numeric Control (CNC),  creating  incredibly precise turning centers.  CNC Lathes are used in the most advanced industries, from manufacturing to the automotive and aerospace sectors – anywhere that precise turning is needed.

CNC technology provides programmable, repeatable machine control. Combined with CAD/CAM technology, operators can design parts and program and execute instructions with the aid of a computer. CNC programs are infinitely repeatable, ensuring consistency and precision throughout the production process. The ability to enter new programs as needed means that CNC lathes are also ideal for prototyping and limited runs.

Summit Machine Tool provides a wide range of CNC machines to the metalworking industry, making us one of the industry’s largest suppliers. We currently offer several CNC models in various dimensions. These lathes provide swings from 20 inches up to 100 inches, with spindle bores from 3” to 21”, and center distances up to 480”. Looking for an oversized lathe with a center distance greater than 480 inches? Summit would love to help – simply contact our sales department directly for more information at (800) 654 3262.

The SmartCut Lathes aim to fill the gap for machine shops transitioning to CNC turning production from older manual lathes. The SmartCut Lathes offer basic manual axis control through electric handwheels or with fully programmable CNC inputs. These lathes will handle one-off prototypes or fully automatic production runs.

The SmartCut lathes provide a helping hand to any operators or programmers still learning as they go. The SmartCut lathes allow the operator to create a CNC program from a manually-turned part. Turn your part manually, then tell the lathe to create a CNC turning program. Save the program directly on the lathe, and you’ve got an instant template for future parts.

The Summit SmartCut Lathes are ideal for custom applications, prototyping, and medium-length production runs. Looking for the best CNC lathe for your shop? Contact Summit Machine Tool today and let us work with you!