BIM objects - Free download! PPG Metal Coil & Extrusion Coatings

06 Dec.,2022


coil coating line

Across the world, and on practically every kind of structure that requires colorful metal coatings to look and perform their best, you'll discover the innovative and proven coating solutions of PPG.

For more than five decades, PPG scientists and formulation experts have pushed the limits of what's possible in architectural metal coatings—and along the way have helped to reshape the modern skyline. Starting in 1967 with the first application with our revolutionary DURANAR® coatings, and continuing to this day with such advances as infrared-reflective pigments and customizable powder coatings, we are creating solutions that are more versatile, architect-friendly and environmentally compatible than ever before.

From masterpieces such as the Empire State Building and the Pyramid at the Louvre, to the countless residential and commercial structures our products improve every day, we provide architectural metal coatings with the color, performance and longevity that beautify and protect buildings for years.