What is the Difference Between UVC-LED and UVC Mercury Lamp?

29 Jan.,2021

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Mercury lamp sterilizes, but mercury is easily harmful to the environment. UVC LED, a kind of ultraviolet light with a relatively short wavelength, has a relatively high efficiency in killing bacteria and viruses. Although the total output power of traditional mercury lamps is large, the output light intensity per unit area is very weak, only a few percent of that of 280nm UVC LEDs. Therefore, UVC LED is more suitable for short-distance and rapid disinfection than traditional mercury lamps, and the equipment is particularly compact.

UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer

UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer

The advantage of ultraviolet mercury lamp products is high light power, which is mainly used for sterilization and disinfection in large spaces, such as schools and hospitals.

However, UV LED does not require Warm-up Time and does not use mercury, so it has the advantages of environmental protection, long life, energy saving, and less heat loss.

In addition, UV-C LEDs only use a single-wavelength band and the optical power still needs to be increased, so there is less concern about irradiation safety. Coupled with the advantages of miniaturization of the light source, it can fully respond to the market demand for small spaces and surface sterilization.

Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19), a number of UV-C LED products have emerged in the market, including sterilization packs, sterilization box products, maternal and child products, UV-C sterilization flashlight products, and portable sterilization products, driving UV -C LED market demand.

UV-C LED manufacturers have been working in the field of home appliance brands for many years. With the stability of UV-C LED technology and the increase in brand acceptance, 2020 will finally usher in a growth flashpoint. Compared with the home appliance brand market, the commercial application field has a higher price acceptance for UV-C LED products. Next, UV-C LED is expected to enter the fields of commercial air conditioning, surface sterilization and water purification.

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