Teach You To Distinguish Between LED Ceiling Light and Downlight

05 Jan.,2021

From modern home lighting to lighting fixtures for commercial purposes, to lighting products used in various industries, there are countless lamps


From modern home lighting to lighting fixtures for commercial purposes, to lighting products used in various industries, there are countless lamps, and there are also some lamps that are not yet named, such as halogen lamps and metal halide lamps? What about ceiling lights and downlights? The lighting industry is the most power-consuming product in daily life, but with the research of lighting sources in my country and the emergence of new light sources, the lighting industry has undergone earth-shaking changes and is more environmentally friendly and green. Ceiling lights and downlights are new products in this new era. So what are the differences between ceiling lights and downlights? Replacing sockets and switches give everyone a systematic introduction

What is a ceiling lamp

The ceiling lamp is the most high-end lighting fixture in the home today. It is very decorative. It is very suitable for modern and fashionable homes, as well as the decoration of department stores, jewelry stores and hotels. Nowadays, ceiling lamps are more than just It is called the ceiling lamp, but is called the LED ceiling lamp. It adopts LED light source, is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green and healthy, and adapts to the current society to advocate energy-saving concepts.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

What is downlight

As a kind of lighting products, downlights are mainly used in construction projects. Some downlights can also be used in offices, home decoration, shopping malls and specialty stores. Downlights are a kind of commercialized lamps. , This is the most special difference from the LED ceiling lamp specially used for home. If it is decorated in the home, it is usually constructed to the ceiling by means of concealed or exposed installation, such as the downlight installed on the floor of a building. It's all easy to see. Having said that, now the understanding and end of the two kinds of lamps are over. Now let's take a look at the difference between ceiling lamps and downlights!

The difference between ceiling light and downlight-different installation positions

The first difference between ceiling lights and downlights is the different installation locations. There are usually two ways to install downlights: exposed or concealed, but no matter which method is used for installation, they are usually installed on the edge of the ceiling. This kind of inlaid luminaire is always hidden in the corner of the side. Above, the projected light is directed downwards. It can be matched with different bulbs, reflectors, blinds and other external components to increase the projection effect of the downlight. It occupies a relatively small space and belongs to the kind of space atmosphere. And what about ceiling lanterns? There are many varieties of ceiling lights, but most of them are used for indoor decoration. At present, the most important thing is the use of LED ceiling lights. The decorative effect seems to be warm and romantic in the bedroom.

The difference between ceiling light and downlight-different types

The second difference between Ceiling Lights and downlights is that they are of different types. Strictly speaking, ceiling lamps are a type of downlights. Downlights are generally energy-saving lighting products. The main function of ceiling lamps is decoration. Nowadays, new LED light sources are also used to increase the luminescence of ceiling lamps. Efficiency plays a role in energy saving and environmental protection. The difference between ceiling light and downlight is the difference in function. Ceiling lights are mainly decorative and downlights are mainly used for lighting. Because of the different functions and characteristics, the effect in use will be Make a change.

The difference between ceiling light and downlight-different luminous carriers

The difference between the luminous carrier is the biggest difference between the ceiling lamp and the down lamp. Why? Because the light source of the downlight is all LED energy-saving light source, the bulb is used as the carrier of light, and the ceiling lamp is different. The decorative effect of the ceiling lamp is relatively strong, because it uses lamp beads as the power source to emit light. This is the biggest difference between the two in terms of structure and essence. In fact, there are many differences between ceiling lamps and downlights, such as the installation method, what kind of installation method, etc., more or less. Some to distinguish. Whether it is a ceiling lamp or a downlight, they are the main lamps and lanterns of modern home decoration.