What Are the Characteristics of Appliqué Porcelain?

13 Jan.,2021

Porcelain applique is the pattern made of painted paper pasted on the ceramic firing, and hand-painted for hand-painted, its applique porcelain and hand-painted porcelain differences are as follows.


Porcelain applique is the pattern made of painted paper pasted on the ceramic firing, and hand-painted for hand-painted, its applique porcelain and hand-painted porcelain differences are as follows.

First, with a magnifying glass (general eyes are also easy to distinguish) to see the pattern of the picture, if there are similar to the mesh pattern on the cloth, it is appliqué.

Second, hand-painted does not exist exactly the same, we can take two of the same installing shower doors comparison, if the picture is exactly the same, it is appliqué.

Third, it is difficult to distinguish the underglaze applique of blue and white, hand-painted because of the different force, the color will appear inconsistent shades, applique is very difficult to do, is also an important reference. The appliqué of pastel is on the glaze, so it is easy to distinguish. Now there are semi-hand-painted ones between appliqué and hand-painting, which are sticked lines and then filled with color or Fenshui, which can be distinguished by the above method, and it is more difficult. Applique porcelain is now mainly underglaze blue and glaze new color, also contains Chaozhou applique porcelain.

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What is decal?

Decal paper is produced by specialized factories, which are small in scale. It is made to order or created by the customer and sold in stores according to the customer's requirements. Production of porcelain individuals and manufacturers can directly buy, paste, send to firing on the line. No skills, no effort, save labor, materials, time, suitable for mass production. Such as daily-use porcelain, decorative porcelain, etc. Greatly reduce the cost. Craft porcelain is now also a large number of applique porcelain.

The main characteristics of Applique porcelain

First, look at the decorative pattern. There are many porcelain, on the top, bottom, left and right edges, often with a circle of decorative patterns. Applique pattern, there will generally be graphic overlap, misalignment, joint gap three conditions. Such as jars, bowls, cups, bottles ... and so on.

Second, a closer look will sometimes find the phenomenon of lack of color, like insect bites. This is due to decal paper in transit, or operation of the decal paper off part of the ceramic pigment to, but not always appear, to look closely.

Third, look closely at the symmetrical, or the same pattern. Each partial, applique porcelain is basically the same. And hand-painted certainly can not do the same. This is important.

Fourth, spherical geometric shape porcelain (such as large sky ball vase), a large area of continuous graphic painting of the complete figure, birds and flowers, landscape, will not be appliquéd, otherwise the phenomenon of folding.

Fifth, the porcelain made of blue and white water process, can be judged not applique.

Sixth, judging from the color. Regardless of the glaze, underglaze applique paper, from the process, ceramic pigment adhesion thickness is limited, the color shades are not easy to solve. For a certain color, such as yellow, it will appear that all such colors on the whole picture, will be basically the same. This is the most important way to distinguish.

Seven, for the porcelain with spherical geometry, its appliqué paper, often multiple pieces of appliqué paper patchwork composition, such as landscape painting, for the overall effect, but also artificially painted some supplementary patterns. This will be the same color (such as blue and white color), hand-painted and appliqué appear not the same tone phenomenon. Such as bottles, Yuan circle decorative lines are hand-painted, the color is often different from the same decal color shades.

Eight, decals and hand-painted porcelain at the same time, as shown in the upper and lower decorative patterns with decals, the main parts with hand-painted.

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