Non-Medical Disposable Isolation Gown

01 Mar.,2023


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Breathable polypropylene material provides a lightweight protective barrier against dust and grime. Full back coverage with back and neck ties.

Standard: GB18401-2010 Type B

Shelf Life: 2 years

The breathable polypropylene material of the non-medical disposable gown provides a lightweight protective barrier against dust and grime. Non-medical isolation gown also protects your back, which is often overlooked when it comes to wearing full coverage protective clothing. The lightweight design of the non-medical isolation gown features ties at the neck for that added measure of protection.

How to put on the Non-Medical Isolation Gown

1. Wash hands thoroughly or apply hand sanitizer

2. Put on the Non-Surgical Isolation Gown

3. Fully cover your torso from your neck to knees and your arms to the end of your wrists,  then tie the disposable gown at the back.

4. The gown should be large enough to allow unrestricted movement without gaping.

5. Fasten at the back of the neck and waist.

Special Note:

Discard the Non-Medical Disposable Gown in an appropriate receptacle. Some users may require special disposal depending on your local facility’s rules and applicable regulations.

What protection does the Non-Medical Disposable Gown offer?

Non-Medical Disposable Gown provides low-level protection and acts as a lightweight protective barrier against dust and grime. Non-Surgical Isolation Gown is not intended for use during surgical procedures, invasive procedures. It is widely used in factories, salons, laboratories and other public or private settings.

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