What do you Need For a Real English Afternoon Tea?

15 Jan.,2021

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The British attach great importance to the etiquette of advancing and retreating when drinking tea, so the choice of places for drinking tea also strives for beauty. With the rich and delicious snacks, it creates a quiet, comfortable and rich and gorgeous tea drinking atmosphere. When drinking tea, the British also Show off your cultural temperament and personal accomplishment.

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China Butter Dishes Plates

If you want to hold an English afternoon tea party, the equipment used in the tea party is indispensable, so what are the standard equipment for English afternoon tea?

1. Porcelain teapots are divided into two-person pots, four-person pots, and six-person pots, depending on the number of guests.

2. The filter spoon and the small dish for the filter.

3. Cup set.

4. Sugar bowl.

5. Milk cup.

6. Three-tiered dessert plate.

7. The teaspoon, the position of the teaspoon must be placed correctly, it is at a 45 degree angle to the cup.

8. Seven-inch personal dessert plate.

9. The kitchen knife is used to spread butter and jam.

10. Eat the fork for the cake.

11. A bowl with tea dregs.

12. Napkins.

13. A pot of flowers.

14. Insulation cover.

15. Wooden tray, used for serving tea.

16. Lace hand-stitched scale towel or tray cushion, this is a very important equipment for Victorian afternoon tea, because it symbolizes the important decoration of the life of the Victorian aristocracy.

The tea used in the orthodox English afternoon tea is the "champagne in black tea"-Darjeeling black tea, or Earl Grey tea, but it has evolved to the present and even flavored tea is available.

Regarding the formal afternoon tea in the UK, the tea table arrangement, tableware, tea set, dessert plate, etc. are very particular. The tableware is placed on the round table. The tablecloth can also be embroidered or lace, and then put on beautiful music. At this time the atmosphere of afternoon tea was created.

With these atmospheres, it is more necessary to have beautiful decorations to embellishment. When decorating, you can use flowers, funnels, candles, photos or tie satin flowers on napkins, etc., which are all good decoration methods, but now afternoon tea The equipment has been simplified a lot, and many tedious details are no longer so important.

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