How To Choose Which Ultrasound Machine Is Right For You?

06 Mar.,2023


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An ultrasound machine is a popular imaging method that utilizes high-frequency sound waves that help to generate live images of the target organ of the body. It is a popular imaging system because it is harmless, as it emits non-ionizing radiation.

Choosing the right ultrasound machine for your practise can be tough. Read on the following information that can help your guide to know which machine can be best choice for your medical practice:

Choose Based on the Application:

Different types of ultrasound machines are used for different types of examination and the most common applications of different types of ultrasound machines are:

Obstetrician/Gynecology Ultrasound – Obstetrics help in conforming pregnancy, determining the gestational age, locating the placenta, and also diagnosing any malformations in the fetus. In gynecology, it helps in imaging the female reproductive tract and accessing the location, size, shape, and thickness of the tissues, and locating other abnormalities or growth.

Cardiac and Cardiovascular Ultrasound – These ultrasound machines are specialized for examination of the heart, and vessels, and also examine the shape, size, and heart motion. The cardiac examination also requires specialized probes, to detect blockages, flow of blood in the heart and surrounding vessels.

Urology Ultrasound – Urologists prefer portable ultrasound for diagnosing and treating patients with urological disorders, as it also provide real time imaging of the prostate, kidneys and other small parts,. It also help visualize fine anatomical details and variations, check for vascularization and measure blood flow, and help locate kidney stones.

Keep a Check on the Key Features

Look for certain technical specifications like the frequency of the machine as it is inversely proportional to how deeper the waves penetrate. Higher frequency gives more superficial imaging and lower frequency offers deeper penetration. Go for devices with lower power settings as high power can cause burns to the skin epidermis layer

Doppler ultrasound is more popular among medical professionals as the final goal is diagnosis.

While speaking to the technician check for valuable insight into product features that are helpful to meet patient’s needs and better facilitate the user productivity.

Buy From Professionals

One must buy an ultrasound machine from a reputable company or brand. Check for the distributors that have been in the market for several years with excellent customer service. Talk to a representative at Trivitron Healthcare by calling at +91 9840080008. The company offers the best range of color Doppler range of ultrasound series and offers the best customer care services in the long run.

Other Factors to Consider

Look for the price, maintenance charges, consumables, and replacement parts cost. One must buy the best portable or advanced ultrasound machines that are well equipped with the latest features and suit one practice and requirements.

Why Color Doppler Ultrasound is becoming popular?

Color Doppler ultrasound, gives medical professionals a way to see what is going on inside the body without using X-rays or injections. Doppler ultrasound is generally painless, does not use radiation, help shows blocked arteries in the neck, arms, and legs, detects blood clots in the veins in the legs shows the amount of the speed of blood flow in veins, and arteries.

The Color Doppler SonoRad ultrasound imaging systems are best in streamlining the workflow process with fewer keystrokes and faster processing times. Trivitron is the leader in providing the best Color Doppler ultrasound series with absolute cutting edge technology and is the choice for those who want great quality and premium level performance at the soundest price.

Color Doppler gives an insight to the medical practitioners about what is inside the body without using X-rays or injections. The instrument turns the sound waves into images and helps the doctor check for issues related to blood flow in veins, arteries, heart, clots in veins, blockages in arteries, detect aneurysms, check for blood flow problems in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and flow of blood in the fetus during pregnancy.

SonoRad K40 has a wide range of probes that suit applications like Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Radiology, and Cardiology features like TDI and CW/PW/HPRF are available with supporting probes.

SonoRad V20 offers extensive diagnostic experience and is an idyllic choice for Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centres, and Large & Mid-Size Hospitals. The PIHI technology improves overall image standardization with higher resolution & penetration than the traditional Tissue Harmonic Imaging.

Along with excellent images and probe options, Trivitron also presents the Portable Color Doppler series SonoRad K9 that bids high clinical excellence with user-friendly workflow and clinical applications.

SonoRad V8 & V9 series gives the user the diagnostic confidence with Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging and Comprehensive Image Processing Tools and allows shorter hand movements, making the system more ergonomic.

SonoRad Excellence is provided with different transducers for different applications, including convex, linear, phase-array, micro-convex, single-crystal cardiac probe, and many more with applications in different clinical areas and triple matching layers for better sensitivity and bandwidth. With the BTM transducer technique, the performance goes beyond users’ expectations.

To know more about which ultrasound machine is suitable for your medical practice. Contact the experts at Trivitron Healthcare at +91 9840080008 or visit for more information.

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