Do you Know About English Afternoon Tea?

29 Jan.,2021

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In British dramas, the ladies of the 19th century always like to drink afternoon tea, which seems very comfortable. Even today, afternoon tea is still loved by many people. Let's look at the past and present of English afternoon tea.

The content of afternoon tea

Traditional afternoon tea is usually served between 4pm and 6pm. To be precise, this is a simple meal, not just tea. Meals include delicate sandwiches (thin sliced cucumber sandwiches made from trimmed bread are classics), freshly baked English scones with cream and jam, and cakes and other desserts. Of course, coffee or tea with milk and sugar is indispensable.


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There are many well-known afternoon tea shops on Oxford Street in London. The white chocolate and macarons are popular desserts.


Afternoon tea etiquette

There is etiquette in everything, and afternoon tea is no exception. The following tips can ensure that you enjoy a perfect afternoon tea.

1. Obviously, afternoon tea is an exquisite meal. Therefore, when you drink tea, you should sip it, and you can't end the cup. Although the order of drinking tea is exquisite, in fact, you can taste fragrant tea at any time during the whole afternoon tea.

2. Similarly, tasting afternoon tea food is also very particular. Eat sandwiches first, then desserts, such as cakes, pastries, and English muffins.

3. English muffins are often small pieces and no longer cut into pieces. It is usually served with jam, solid cream or butter. Spread the jam first, then spread the cream or butter.

4. When eating scones, first coat the whole with butter and cut them before eating.

5. Cakes and snacks are prepared in advance, so there is no need to use pastry forks, but in exceptional cases, these tableware can also be used.

6. If you want to add milk to the tea, remember to pour the tea before adding milk.

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