5 Tips To Maintain Your Portable Ultrasound Machine

06 Mar.,2023


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Ultrasound machines work for many things, like taking visual images of a patient’s internal body structure, are portable-optional, and require basic maintenance. Doctors and specialists should choose to have an ultrasound machine because it’s functional for every exam type and an affordable piece of technology. Now that you have your portable ultrasound machine, here are five tips to maintain it.

Educate Yourself on Using the Machine

It is in your best interest to learn how to use the machine correctly. Without prior experience or proper training, you might accidentally break something or hurt yourself. Avoid injury or damaging equipment by learning how to use the machine correctly.

Learn how to use the ultrasound keys—the keys may vary from model to model, so refrain from pushing down too hard, whether the machine features a touch screen or physical keys. Additionally, learn how to plug your equipment in. A mobile cart still needs to be plugged in, so make sure the wiring isn’t twisted before powering it on.

Make Sure To Inspect the Transducer Often

The transducer is the wand you use on a patient’s body. No matter whether the transducer will be inserted or directly placed on the patient, you should inspect it after every use. Inspecting your wand helps keep it clean.

The most vulnerable part of the electrical device is the pins. The pins are fragile, so ensure you don’t push too hard to the point that the pins bend. When probing, you want the pins to glide easily so that the connector can pick up the visualized area.

Make Sure To Report Errors

Ultrasound machines aren’t perfect. You may run into problems where something disconnects, or the electric wand may fail to take visual aides for you. When trouble happens, it’s essential that you write down what occurred and at what date and time.

After completing the error reports, technicians can swing by to smoothly fix the problem. Don’t forget to consult your user manual if you need a faster solution. There may be a situation where you accidentally plug something in the wrong way. Either way, consult your manual if you have trouble connecting anything.

Clean the Control Panel

Your control panel is of great use to you; it makes zooming in quicker and moving around to find irregularities much smoother. However, these things can worsen after use. Make sure to wipe down your control panel between uses and check for problems before using the device. Checking for faults can prevent further problems down the line.

Always Read the User Manual

If you have difficulty putting together or using your device, read its manual. The manual has steps on powering up the device and getting everything ready to use. If you are still struggling, reach out to your manufacturer to help troubleshoot the device.

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