PVC-Coated Wire Mesh Panels & Metal Sheets

06 Aug.,2022


PVC-coated wire mesh panels are made from hot-dipped galvanised steel that has been coated with a protective green plastic to help the steel resist corrosion and rust.  This makes the wire panel safe and secure for use around animals and children, as the PVC-coating smooths over any potential sharp edges of the metal.

Available in a wide range of sizes, apertures and thicknesses, these wire mesh panels are highly versatile making them a popular choice for the garden, allotments or construction sites.  Typical uses for wire mesh panels include:

  • Security fencing
  • Pet cages and animal enclosures
  • Aviaries and bird cages
  • Pond covers and leaf protection
  • Garden fencing
  • Metal fencing
  • Chicken coops
  • Dog fencing
  • Security cages
  • Pet hutches
  • Climbing plant support

These wire mesh panels are also available in Galvanised and Premium Galvanised finishes to suit different needs.

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