PVC Coated GI Wire Mesh

06 Aug.,2022


PVC coated GI wire mesh is a durable and attractive material. It uses galvanized steel wire and coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This process extends its service life and also offers more color selections than other materials. Also, it has great resistance to cracking, peeling, splitting, as well as ultraviolet rays. Wanzhi Steel offers both welded and chain link wire meshes in different opening shapes, sizes, wire diameters, and colors to choose from.

PVC Coated Wire Mesh Sizes

Mesh Size:  1/2” – 6”
Wire Diameter: 0.5 mm – 5.5 mm
Common Color: Green, black, blue, white, yellow, etc.
Opening Shape: Square, rectangular, hexagonal
Packaging: Roll or Panel
Applications: Garden fencing, pet cage, livestock fencing, plant support, etc.

Note: Whether in color or size, Wanzhi Steel offers customization services. Besides, if you have any requirements for packaging, we will try our best to meet them. Please send us your real requirements and get the PVC coated wire mesh to your satisfaction.

Uses of PVC Coated GI Wire Mesh

PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is commonly used in our daily life because of its superior performance and variety of colors. Below are its specific uses.

1. Garden or zoo fence;
2. Playground fencing or sports field fence;
3. Residential house fencing;
4. Poultry netting;

7. Slope protection;
8. Safety protection of rivers, highways, etc.

5. Vegetable garden fence;6. Gabion basket 7. Slope protection;8. Safety protection of rivers, highways, etc.

In addition, it is installed without the restriction of terrain ups and downs. Therefore, it can also be used for fencing, decoration, and mechanical protection in various industries such as industry, agriculture, and construction.

Benefits of Plastic Coated Wire Mesh

1. Durability

PVC is a melted plastic that is coated onto the mesh to increase its durability. Therefore, galvanized PVC coated wire mesh can be used trouble-free for many years. Its long service life also saves you money to a certain extent.

2. Anti-corrosion and Anti-rust

Galvanized wire mesh is inherently rust-proof. Together with the double protection of PVC coated plastic, thus the corrosion resistance of the wire mesh is greatly enhanced. Compared with ordinary metal wire mesh, PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is more suitable for use in outdoor areas.

3. Weather Resistance

Whether the weather is hot or cold, the PVC coating on the outside of the galvanized coated mesh resists changes in temperature and humidity very well. Even in bad weather, it still looks new.

4. Beautiful Appearance

PVC-coated galvanized wire mesh has a uniform mesh and smooth surface. It is very ornamental when it is used as a fence in a community or garden.

5. Not Easily Deformed

Galvanized wire mesh coated with PVC is made of fairly thick metal wire, which does not deform easily. It can even support the weight of huge climbing plants. In addition, it is hard enough to act as a guardrail and will not be easily broken.

What Is PVC Coated GI Wire Mesh?

PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is made of high quality galvanized iron wire, which is coated with PVC powder through advanced automatic equipment. The coating layer has the characteristics of uniformity, strong adhesion, good gloss, and strong corrosion resistance.

PVC Meaning

The full name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymeric material of vinyl, and its material is a non-crystalline material. PVC material has the characteristics of lightweight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, flame retardant, and easy construction. And its price is relatively low, so it is used in various industries.

How to Get the Price of PVC Galvanized Wire Mesh?

The price of PVC coated galvanized wire mesh will vary depending on the wire diameter thickness, mesh size, dimensions, and surface treatment.
If you want to get the latest price list, you can contact us now.

1. Woven, welded or chain link mesh, which one do you need?
2. Tell us the exact size you need, including the wire gauge, opening size, wire mesh width, and length;
3. What color do you need? The popular colors are green and black. You can choose according to your preference.
4. How many rolls or pieces or tons do you need to order? We will offer discounts for bulk orders.
5. Whether you need special customization or not, such as packaging requirements? Please inform us of your needs in detail.
6. Where your destination port is?

Wanzhi Steel tells you that it is generally more cost-effective to buy in large quantities than in small quantities. This is because most manufacturers are happy to offer discounts to customers who order in large quantities, and so is Wanzhi Steel. If you are interested in purchasing PVC coated galvanized wire mesh, contact us today to get a quote. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

How to Choose PVC Coated Wire Mesh Color?

There is no denying that PVC coating is aesthetically pleasing. So what color PVC coated wire mesh do you want? If you are struggling with which color to choose, Wanzhi Steel has some tips for you.

The common colors of PVC coated wire mesh are green, black, white, and yellow. Take the black PVC coated wire mesh and the green PVC coated wire mesh, for example, the former is less conspicuous than the latter. In fact, the black mesh tends to disappear into the background and becomes almost invisible. It is commonly found in orchards and farms. Green wire mesh, on the other hand, is brightly colored and easily attracted. Therefore many people use it for garden fences and other occasions. You can choose the color according to your actual use. If you are buying it for a more serious occasion, black PVC coated wire mesh is the preferred choice. If you want your fence to look more vibrant, then green, yellow, and white PVC coated wire mesh is more suitable for you.

How to Distinguish the Quality of PVC GI Wire Mesh?

The use of PVC coated GI wire mesh gives us safety and protection, and its beautiful appearance also adds color to our life. Next, Wanzhi Steel will teach you how to buy good quality PVC coated GI wire mesh.

1. You can see if it is overall upright and straight. If it looks like soft silk, then it must be of poorer quality.
2. Observe the color of the PVC coated galvanized wire mesh. The color should be bright and shiny.
3. Observe the thickness of the wire diameter. The thicker the PVC coated wire mesh is, the longer it will last.

PVC Coated GI Wire Mesh VS Galvanized Wire Mesh

Here are the differences between PVC coated galvanized wire mesh and galvanized wire mesh. If you don’t know how to choose, you can refer to the following contents.

1. Durability

In terms of durability, galvanized wire mesh is inferior to PVC galvanized wire mesh. PVC-treated galvanized wire mesh has a higher resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. In addition, galvanized wire mesh is not as resistant to rust as PVC-coated galvanized wire mesh. After a long period of use, galvanized wire mesh will become less strong. If you value the durability of the wire mesh, then a PVC coated wire mesh would be a better solution.

2. Price

PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is more expensive than galvanized wire mesh. If you have a limited budget, then galvanized wire mesh will suffice. But if you want your wire mesh to last longer, you can invest in the slightly more expensive PVC coated galvanized wire mesh. It is still relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fencing, but it is also very durable.

3. Color

PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is available in a variety of color options for different applications. While galvanized wire mesh has only one zinc layer and is silver in color. If you want your fence to have more styles, then PVC galvanized wire mesh in multiple colors is the best choice for you.

Galvanized PVC Coated Wire Mesh Manufacturer

You can find countless PVC coated galvanized wire mesh manufacturers online, for example, Wanzhi Steel in China. Over the last 20 years, we have been committed to providing you with high-quality wire and mesh products. We offer different colors and designs of plastic coated wire mesh to choose from. Besides, we also have affordable galvanized woven wire mesh and welded mesh in different shapes and sizes. Below is what we can offer to our clients.

1. Quality Products

The raw materials used in the PVC coated wire and mesh produced by Wanzhi Steel are all in line with the industry standards. Meanwhile, our factory has a strict quality control system. Our workers will randomly inspect the screens as required to ensure that they are acceptable before delivery. In addition, we also accept third-party testing to give you more peace of mind.

2. Factory Sales Price

If you are worried about your budget, choose Wanzhi. Since we have our factory, we can offer factory sales prices for bulk orders. We will do our best to give our customers the best purchase at the lowest cost.

3. Quality Service

As a professional manufacturer of PVC coated GI wire mesh, we will provide you with perfect services. You can propose your needs to us and we have professional staff to make feasible solutions for you. When you choose us, you will choose reliable pre-sales and after-sales services.

Tips from Wanzhi Steel

1. About Product

You can find various PVC coated galvanized wire meshes in different sizes, designs, and colors on the market. Besides, there are many colors for you to choose from. The most popular colors include grass green, dark green, blue, black, etc. You need to choose according to the use purpose and environment, for example, architectural style. Comparatively speaking, the welded mesh will be more sturdy than the PVC chain link fence. If you are not sure, please feel free to talk with us.

2. About the Price

The price of PVC galvanized coated wire mesh varies due to the size of the mesh, wire diameter, zinc coating and PVC coating, etc. Please remember do not rely on the price only. You can compare the price with detailed specifications from different suppliers first. As a steel mesh manufacturer in China, we will promise to offer you a factory direct sale price.

3. About the Factory

Wanzhi’s factory is located in Hebei Province of China. We have over 30,000 square meters of warehouses and state-of-the-art mesh product lines. Welcome to come to visit us on site. Also, it is available to check our factory by video chat. If you are interested, please contact us here to make an appointment.


All in all, PVC coated galvanized wire mesh is a great investment. Its unique color advantage can make your fence more attractive. You can use it for many years with no maintenance. As a leading wire mesh manufacturer in China, Wanzhi Steel is committed to providing you with high-quality products. In addition, we have experienced staff to answer any questions you may have about wire mesh. Once you are interested in purchasing our products, please contact us now for more details!