How to Cut Concrete with a Circular Saw?

04 Aug.,2022


turbo saw

They can be separated into two distinct categories:

  • Dry-Cutting Diamond Blades

These usually come with toothed or serrated rims that help them eject waste and cool the blade. They’re exceptionally great when used for making a number of increasingly deeper cuts. Their biggest downside is that they create a lot of fine dust. When used indoors, one has to seal off the whole working area with duct tapes.

  • Wet-Cutting Diamond Blades

These come with either a smooth perimeter or with standard teeth, with water cooling the blade and keeping the dust away. Cutting with them is fast and clean, but the only proper way to use a wet-cutting blade is to put it into a saw that can distribute water. A workaround would be to plug the device into a GFCI-protected cord and let someone direct a stream of water in front the machine as you’re using it.