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What is a Financial Planner?

Financial planners and financial advisors normally provide comprehensive financial as well as wealth planning services to their clients. He provides advice on investment management, investment, estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, as well as retirement planning.

But not all the financial planners provide these types of services and they said that they do but may not have the experience in all of these areas therefore it is very important to ask diverse questions as well as do your homework.

Services of a Financial Planner

The Best Investment Advisory Firms in India handle all the investment decisions internally for their clients and also oversee their estate planning, tax planning, investment, insurance planning as well as retirement planning. As a renowned Financial Planner, company’s clients can expect that company is up to speed on all of the current issues.

Ongoing Financial Advice

Many people are looking to hire a financial planner in order to advise them beyond their investment planning, especially when they are experiencing a vast life event such as selling a company, retiring and many more.

Customers look companies in order to educate them on their financial decisions they will require to make and also where they will find those answers. Apart from this, advisor helps their clients in figuring out which questions they should be asking. That is also the toughest part.

Moreover, that advice needs to be coordinated also with some other financial professionals such as a client’s CPA as well as estate planning attorney. Advisors like to lead these efforts for their clients in order to make sure their investment portfolio that is in synchronized with their changing financial plan.

Always avail the Financial Planning and Investment Advice from the certified financial and investment planner. They are licensed as well as regulated and also take mandatory classes on diverse aspects of financial planning. They normally advise their clients on how best to save, invest as well as grow their money. Apart from this, they can help their clients how to tackle a specific financial goal like readying yourself to buy a house and give you a macro view of your money as well as the interplay of your various assets.

What is an Investment Advisor?

An Investment Advisor is hired by the organization or by the individual in order to manage their investment portfolio. This service is for determining the proper asset allocation, fund as well as stock selection, their risk tolerance and also may consider asset location.


Clients looks the Investment Advisor to avail advice related top investment and for the financial planning discussions. For all these clients come to the advisor for investment advice as well as work to fulfill those needs.

The Investments Advisor must provide the client with timely as well as accurate performance reports so they get aware with how much money they have and also how they are doing. Moreover, the client should expect to have conversations in regular interval with their investment advisor with in-person meetings, phone calls or with email correspondence in order to fully understand the goals as well as performance of their portfolio.

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