When Is the Next Pottery Barn Sale?

05 Aug.,2022


800mm freestanding vanity unit

When Is the Next Pottery Barn Sale? This is a question I have been getting more and more frequently, particularly on my Pottery Barn Sofa Review post and my Pottery Barn Sectional Review post. I’m working on publishing a review on the Pottery Barn Sausalito collection, as well, since we own the bed, vanity, and dresser. So, I figured I’d get this post out there to answer the anticipated questions that will inevitably follow! But, first, a lengthy disclosure since I obviously don’t work for Pottery Barn.

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. I am not a representative of Pottery Barn and am not authorized to speak on their behalf. I am simply sharing info I’ve received from employees that are allowed to share with the public. The info contained in this post has not been verified by Pottery Barn and is subject to change at any time so please also do your own research. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

When Is the Next Pottery Barn Sitewide Sale?

I used to be one of the biggest advocates for only buying Pottery Barn furniture when it was on sale. This was simply because, prior to 2020, they seemed to offer sitewide sales every few weeks or quarterly at a minimum.

However, it has been nearly two years since the last Buy More Save More sale at Pottery Barn. So let’s address the question we’ve all been wondering. When is Pottery Barn having another Buy More Save More sale or sitewide discount sale? I took the question to Instagram since I know I have a lot of Pottery Barn designers and sales associates that follow me. I didn’t ask for them to give away an confidential information, but the resounding answer is pretty clear: a sitewide sale will not be happening any time soon. Possibly not this year, or even ever.

It’s obviously not the news we were all wanting to hear. But, rather than just give the bad news, I thought I’d also share some of the insight and reasoning behind this info. When I posted the question on Instagram, I received so many messages from followers that have Pottery Barn carts full just waiting for a sale. I thought the additional insight may be helpful in making your decisions about your potential orders.

Here’s a variety of the responses I received from various Pottery Barn designer, managers, and sales associates. These are the comments that were most common from multiple sources:

  • No promos coming any time soon (other than possible category sales on smaller items like up to 20% off bedding, etc.).
  • There will likely not be any sales this year on upholstery items (unless perhaps on discontinued furniture or fabrics).
  • Buy More Save More will look very different in the future, if it even comes back
  • Demand is far exceeding the supply currently, regardless of not offering sales. In order to keep up with existing orders (and fabric shortages/delays), there will not be any more sitewide sales any time soon as it would only cause further issues with delays on receiving furniture.
  • The parent company, Williams-Sonoma is continuing to see record sales, as demand has not dropped. Rather, it seems to be increasing for their products as people have focused on updating the homes over the past two years.
  • PB has not raised prices or delivery fees on many items in a few years. Other retailers offering sitewide sales, for the most part, have seen several price increases. So while some competitors do still offer sales, it’s likely on prices that have gone up by nearly as much or more than the discount they’re offering.
  • One person has said that upholstery and leather prices are expected to increase by up to 30% this year, due to increasing costs from suppliers and vendors. This will likely cause an increase on several of these types of items this year.
  • As a reminder, all Williams-Sonoma brands have a trade program where designers, decorators, etc. can get discounts for their clients (typically in the 5-20% range). You can apply here if you’re not already a member.

So, if you’re holding out for a sale, one likely isn’t coming on the bigger ticket items. I think since early 2020, many of us have been assuming the sales would come back any day now since they were once so frequent. And yet, here we are nearly two years later. At this point, I’ve been trying to save by bundling my furniture orders. It’s not always fun to buy two large items at once, but I’ll usually save up to do that and at least save on the shipping costs! Currently it is still $299 for unlimited furniture/oversized delivery. For example, the olive tree I wanted a few years back is oversized, so I waited to order it until I had a furniture order I could bundle it with so I didn’t have to pay a second delivery fee!

Our Personal Experience with Pottery Barn Furniture

Despite some shipping and customer service frustrations in the past, I do believe many Pottery Barn items are excellent quality. Of the major ticket items we own from them, I have zero regrets. Funny enough, when we had to empty out our upstairs last fall to get new carpet there were two situations that happened with Kurtis. The first was having to move this dresser and this dresser. He cussed and was not happy with the Wayfair one because the mechanism to remove the drawer was a major pain. When it was time to remove the drawers on the Sausalito dresser, he said “THIS is how you make a dresser.” Little known fact, Kurtis thinks he’s an engineer and thinks most products I buy are built wrong 😉

The same thing happened when it came to disassemble the beds (this one, this one, and our bed which is a Bernhardt from a decade or so ago). He “approved” of the Pottery Barn assembly, not so much on the Bernhardt. I won’t use his exact words 😉 Needless to say, the quality is there on the furniture we own. I’m not saying this to push you one way or the other, but if there’s something you’ve been considering, outside of shipping, we’ve had no issues with any of the items we own!

I’ll be sharing a few more specifics below.

Despite some challenges over the years, I’m still a big Pottery Barn fan. I think what we’re seeing in terms of the lack of discounts and sales is what we’re seeing at essentially every other retailer across the country in one form or another.

I hope you found this information useful! If you have any other insight or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

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