Luxury Bathroom Vanities

05 Aug.,2022


800mm freestanding vanity unit

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities From Hastings Tile & Bath

Hastings Tile & Bath carries an expansive collection of modular contemporary vanities designed in Italy. Whether you’re searching for clean and minimal, brilliant textures, inspiring color possibilities or thought-provoking bathroom vanity styles, we have leading-edge designs to reflect your design sensibilities.

Our Urban line is a robust selection of streamlined vanities that offer endless configurability. While our standard-height model offers limitless customization, the legstand bring a different aesthetic to your space. Our low-height model lets you strike that slim and sleek chord.

With our free-standing vanity, you gain excellent storage opportunities with modern lines. If you’re looking for more visual intrigue, the Urban Duplex vanity showcases a dual paneled drawer front allowing finish interchangeability and striking recessed groove detail.

Beyond our Urban line, you can explore our complete collection of rousing designs. With our range of open vanities, you can introduce refined visual intrigue. The Underground model brings in open elements, asymmetry and a bold black metal frame. Another style — Class — uses a similar black metal frame highlighting clean lines and captivating modern stature.

Looking for a truly innovative design that can make a statement in any bathroom. Onda uses a soft rolling cabinet design to evoke a sense of motion. Choose from either a symmetrical or asymmetrical design to fit your eye!

The Mako is produced in coastal Italy and uses a beveled drawer design for a distinguishing facade. Play with our color palette to catch the eye and customize configurations to create a personalized piece for your space. Lamè, also hailing from Italy, elevates above the fray with six pattern possibilities, fitting your design aim.

Cubik continues our modular design concept allowing for individualized configurations to customize your vanity in your bathroom. Align your drawers or offset them for more visual interest. Stratos offers a similar modular style to Cubik, with modern, architectural lines and an infinite range of sizing possibilities.

At Hastings Tile & Bath, you can achieve your bathroom vision with endless vanity configurability and design flexibility. Open up possibility and potential!


Our Selection of Vanity Colors

Colors change the way you experience a space, and the same holds true for your bathroom. With Hastings Tile & Bath, discover a mesmerizing selection of vanity finish colors that can bring energy and tranquility to your room.



When we think of modern interior design, neutrals offer elegance and minimalism that make furniture pieces so striking. These colors include black, white, grey and brown.

One of the most notable benefits of neutrals is their versatility. This color family goes with any other tint or hue. Use neutrals exclusively in a room, or try neutral colors as a base for a bold accent tone.

Our selection of vanities includes neutral colors across our cabinet and countertop materials. Find matte and glossy neutrals and explore materials like glass, lacquer, laminate and more.


Vibrant Colors

Make a splash in your space. Our collections offer head-turning colors to add a pop of color and exude your personality through design. Contemporary aesthetics lend themselves well to striking accents. Explore our entire range, find your favorite color and run wild with our exclusive color palette; bring an eye-catching design element through color.

You can offset this boldness by sticking to neutrals in other parts of your bathroom. Sleek whites can make these bright colors shine, and a hard-hitting complementary color can make the space cohesive. For example, you can make orange cabinetry shine with bright blue towels and accessories.

You can find many of our bold color selections in lacquered cabinet finishes and glass countertops.


Earth Tones

If you need more visual appeal than a neutral color, earth tones are an excellent way to introduce a diversity of hues without bringing in vivid brights. This color family includes olive greens, clay reds, mustards and navy shades. Think about the pigments you see in nature and consider how refined they would look on a contemporary vanity.

At Hastings Tile & Bath, you can find earth tones in our cabinet and countertop materials. Wood laminates naturally lend themselves to this color family, but you can also find earth tones in lacquer finishes and glass.


Selecting a Vanity Size

You need to consider the overall size of your room and the design layout in your space. Are you replacing an existing vanity or redesigning or embarking with new construction? Standard vanity sizes include: 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″. Why feel limited or restricted in your design planning?  At Hastings Tile & Bath we open up possibility through modular design. Allowing you the flexibility to configure a design that fits your lifestyle. Build out a personalized concept that seamlessly fits into your space and captures your stylistic intentions.

You gain even further customization in overall length with our Italian-made contemporary vanities. We showcase a wide spectrum of highly configurable and customizable designs to meet your spacing requirements and preferences. While you can select longer lengths for our double-sink luxury bathroom vanities, you can also use these measurements for a single sink with ample counter space.

Many of our contemporary vanities are wall-mounted, giving you the freedom to place them at the best height for you. With drawer and shelving possibilities, the height of our pieces can be as small as 10 inches for a wall-mounted model or 35 inches for a free-standing version.

We offer depths between 19 and 21 inches for many of our vanities, but we are not limited to these dimensions. We produce our vanities at narrower depths like 17 inches to accommodate smaller spaces.

Maximize your space and find the luxury design that caters to your lifestyle and visual appeal. Speak with our team, our design strategists guide you through sizing to help find the right vanity that fits your space.


Vanity Materials and Their Characteristics

At Hastings Tile & Bath, we offer a diverse range of finish materials for your vanity. With these possibilities, you can customize your vanity to reflect your style. Materials include:

  • High-pressure laminate (HPL): This material can act as drawer paneling or countertop, and it’s celebrated for its versatility and stain-resistant nature. HPL can look like wood grain, concrete textured or stone to give you a clean and contemporary look. Soft-touch finishes make laminate cabinets matte and smooth to touch.
  • Lacquer: Once applied lacquer offers a glossy or matte finish with high durability. Paired with our contemporary silhouettes, this material is eye-catching yet minimalistic. With a broad selection of colors, lacquered cabinets have limitless potential.
  • Brushed metal: Cool metal-look textures urbanize any space with a streamlined, industrial look. We offer brushed metal for cabinet finishes to bring depth to your space.
  • Porcelain: This ultra-durable and stunning material offers attention-grabbing visual features that add a sense of opulence to any space.
  • Solid-surface: This material starts as sandstone and undergoes a high heat and pressurization process to create a sleek and durable feel. Solid-surface countertops come in many styles. With matte, stone and textured finishes, you can enjoy a high-end look with unmatched strength. Solid-surface is a modern alternative to marble and granite.
  • Cement resin: Cement’s industrial look complements our contemporary design elements. Once coated with resin, a cement countertop will offer durability with a compelling appearance and luxurious feel.
  • Glass: Contemporary design favors glass in many areas for its lightness and minimalism. Our vanities can incorporate glossy or frosted glass to bring elegance and freshness to your bathroom countertops. Choose from neutrals and bold colors to create refined and distinctive looks.
  • Fenix: As an innovative material in interior design, Fenix is a durable and polished product created through an extensive treatment process. This material is resistant to fingerprints and elevates your space with a striking opaque appearance. Discover beautiful neutrals and exquisite colors for your Fenix countertop.

With our wide spectrum of finish materials, your bathroom vanity outlook has endless possibilities. Explore our full collection of floating and free-standing bathroom vanities to delve into the material potential. Our design specialists can help you find the right material for your aesthetic needs, so your vanity captivates for years to come.


Explore Contemporary Vanities at Hastings Tile & Bath

At Hastings Tile & Bath, we create the trends people follow and captivate, bringing what’s next in bathroom design. Our design specialists take you from idea to reality and add clarity to your journey. We are continually scouring the market to curate innovative styles that evoke a sense of modern minimalism, compelling form and luxurious flair. Our vanities offer endless possibilities in design configurations, sizes, colors, and materials, allowing you to personalize your space to the utmost degree.

Our thoughtful craftsmanship sets us apart. Whether you’re searching for distinctive textures or bold colors, we can help you embody your design vision. Explore our complete selection and get in touch with us today to learn more.