How To Clean Fabric Chairs

27 Jan.,2021

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How To Clean Fabric Chairs

1. After cleaning, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, it is recommended that the fabric sofa be used after 12 hours, and the fabric chair is recommended to be used after 6 hours;

2. The fabric sofa is about 60-70 cm as a seat.

Why fabric chairs need to be cleaned regularly

If the Freeze Dried Fruits FD Black Currant is not cleaned for a long time, the surface will absorb more dust, which will easily breed bacteria and mites, causing respiratory diseases and skin diseases, which is not good for family health. The handrails, backrests and other parts that the human body often touches are also easy to leave stains such as oil and sweat. If they are not cleaned in time, they will affect the appearance and service life.

Maintenance of fabric chair

1. If it is placed next to the window, we'd better put a curtain on the window, in order to avoid direct sunlight and exposure. If it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will easily cause the deformation of the fabric and material of the fabric chair, the service life will be greatly reduced, and the comfort will be reduced.

2. In normal use, we should avoid sitting in the same position for a long time, so that the chair is prone to deformation and wear. If possible, it is best to flip the chair cushion once a week, so that the wear can be evenly distributed. It is also possible to take the mat outside and pat it frequently to loosen the sponge structure and remove the surface dust. If you find a loose thread, do not tear it off by hand. Use scissors to cut it neatly.

3. It is best not to place it close to the wall, and there must be at least a 0.5-1 cm gap between it and the wall. The advantage of this is that the air can be fully circulated, and it can also avoid damage to the fabric chair against the wall due to wet wall or other wall factors, and extend its service life!

Pay more attention to maintenance in daily life, and clean it in time if there are stains, so that the fabric chair can be kept beautiful and clean.

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