Follow 4 Tips to Surely Get the Suitable Fit and Flush

Redesigning the bathroom to make it look more appealing can only be possible by purchasing the remarkable Bathroom Accessories in Singapore. Though, there are several things that make your bathroom appears modern and stylish. Among the bathroom fittings, the toilet bowl is the one that has become an important asset of the bathroom space.

At present, there are different types of toilet bowls available in the market, you will have to select among distinct mounting types, flushing methods, bowl shapes and other options. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and what’s appropriate for you relies upon your individual needs. Before you begin searching for a new toilet for your home, stay clear on your decisions so you can choose the model that is best for you.

Measure for Fit

Your first step in choosing a toilet is to find your current toilet’s rough-in measurement so you can find a model that fits your restroom. The rough-in measurement is the distance from the wall to the center of the toilet flange, which lines up with the focal point of the hold-down jolts.

The standard distance is 12 inches, yet many of the toilet designs can contain a distance of 11 to 13 inches. Any pretty much than that, you’ll require a toilet designed particularly for this distance. That will in all likelihood be a 10-or 14-inch rough-in model.

Select Your Design

While selecting a toilet, you will require choosing among the one-piece, two-piece or wall-mount design. Two-piece toilets are the most well-known. These pipes installations have a different bowl and tank you can purchase together or independently. Since there are such huge numbers of the toilet are available, opting for a two-piece toilet can give you a more prominent shot of discovering one with features you need.

One-piece toilets commonly have the tank, bowl, top and different parts joined in one unit. The best-preferred standpoint of this sort of installation is fewer holes. These are less demanding to clean, on the grounds that there are couples of little crevices and joints. The smooth appearance and, frequently, the littler size likewise attract few.

Wall-mount toilets are the minimum normal design and are altogether more costly to buy and install than floor-mounted models. They can work free after some time and may require altering.

Decide on Bowl Type

There are two types of toilet bowls available such as elongated and round. The elongated bowls are approximately 2 or 3 inches longer in the front, unlike round bowls. The round bowls are hardly up to 28 inches while elongated bowls can be as large as 31 inches. Though elongated bowls take much space, but they offer few benefits. Few people, including the aged and those with physical impairments, may find the bigger seat quite comfy since it supports the thighs similar to the chair.

Decide on Height

Normal toilets are measured approximately 15 inches from the seat to the floor. Even though this height is suitable for several, you may be better off selecting a toilet with the higher seat. Seats of around 17 inches high are considered as “comfort height” as well as highly appropriate for the aged and those with physical impairments.


Searching and choosing a Toilet Bowl Singapore isn’t intricate, but taking the time to know about your alternatives will assist you to discover a model you’ll be contented with for a long time.

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