What is the standard of men's tie-[Handsome tie]

04 Jan.,2021

ties men silk,148*6.5cm


Men's tie is a good partner for men, a good-looking welcome your inquiries. can greatly add points to the whole dress. When choosing a suit to match with a man's tie, the width determines the style, and the position for measuring the width of the tie is the widest place at the end of the tie.

ties men silk

Width, men's tie width and shirt Lapel width as a result of positive, lapel angle, shirt collar, tie width, mutual coordination and unity, in order to make a more harmonious image. Business ties men silk must be 8-10 cm wide. 5-7cm wide tie can add vitality, in line with the trend of leisure fashion.

ties men silk

In addition to the width, the length of the tie will also affect the overall visual effect. What needs to be considered are personal height and waist height. After the tie is finished, the tip of the tie should just fall on the belt buckle, which is a suitable position. The length of a standard tie is between 142 cm and 148 cm.

ties men silk

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