Teach you to choose a high cost performance men's tie - [Handsome tie]

05 Jan.,2021

mens ties sets,148*7.5cm


Tie is an important member of men's clothing, high-end silk tie, trendy casual tie, printed tie and Fitness Ice Sleeves , so how to choose a cost-effective tie?

1. Color: the color of the whole tie should be the same, no color difference, no blurring of the edge of the pattern.

mens ties sets

2. Choose patterns: tie patterns can be selected according to the needs, conventional have solid color, twill, wave point, lattice and cashew flower

mens ties setsmens ties sets

3. Look at the fabric: tie fabrics are silk, polyester, wool, cotton and hemp. Silk tie has soft and natural luster, delicate and soft handle; polyester tie has a slightly hard luster, soft and waxy feel, which is slightly worse than silk tie; cotton hemp tie has good moisture absorption; wool tie is more suitable for autumn and winter, which has a drooping feeling.

mens ties setsmens ties sets

Balzac, the father of French novels, once said that "tie is a man's letter of introduction". Tie is a very good ornament for men. Just like women in evening dress, men wearing mens ties can't help but look up and hold their chests out, showing their responsibility and charm.

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