Frequently asked questions about ties-[Handsome tie]

05 Jan.,2021

mens business tie,148*7.5cm


In life, when men buy necessary cooling arm sleeves, they will always encounter some problems. Here, we will summarize and answer some common questions.

1. Is it a quality problem that the inner seam of the middle seam on the back of the tie is loose?

Because the necktie usually needs to be pulled during wearing and hiding, the looseness of the middle and inner thread on the back is to make the necktie have a certain degree of tightness adjustment. If the middle seam and inner seam of the necktie are very tight, the middle line will be easily broken in the process of knotting, and the necktie will also be very easy to wrinkle. The inner seam of the middle seam is looser, which makes the tie more durable and the knot more beautiful.

mens business tie

2. Why do ties have stitching?

In the process of making a mens business tie, if there is no proper length left on both sides, the knot is easy to be out of order. Therefore, the tie is designed with splicing line to mark the standard position. After aligning the standard position of splicing line when wearing, it is easy to make a proper knot.

mens business tie

3. The tie feels soft after receiving. Is the fabric bad?

Different silk thread and different fabric weave out of the fabric texture are different, silk fabric is generally soft and thin, feel smooth; polyester is rayon, good polyester fabric, both silk smooth feel, and relatively easy to take care of; cotton fabric moisture absorption is good, fabric can well reflect the pattern pattern; wool fabric has velvet feel, feel relatively rough. The tie with softer fabric is more suitable for complex knot, and the tie with thicker fabric is suitable for simple knot. Different materials have their own advantages. You can choose according to your personal preference.

mens business tie

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