What's the best color for men's wedding tie-[Handsome tie]

06 Jan.,2021

floral ties men,148*6.5cm


In the wedding, the bridegroom's wear is mostly the same, the only finishing touch is in some small accessories, such as: Men's tie. The color of tie plays an important role in improving the groom's temperament, the theme of the whole wedding and the bride's wedding dress. What color is good for men's wedding? What's the implication of men's ties of various colors?

1、 Carnation red contact us

The red carnation, which is as passionate as fire, matches with the red lattice to express deep love and care.

 floral ties men

2、 Purple lotus bright violet men's tie

The purple lotus, which comes out of mud but is not dyed, is fresh and refined with blue lattice.

 floral ties men

3、 Lily pad men's tie

Peace and ease, peace and hope.

 floral ties men

4、 phoenix tree green Sycamore Green floral ties men

Emotional dependence, permanent company.

 floral ties men

5、 Marigold yellow men's tie

Record with you bit by bit, found that they are used to love you.

 floral ties men

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